Karolina Piech


The major inspiration for the collection came from the image of the ‘widow’ from Victorian Times. The presence of the veils and the color ‘black’ are not only the key reference points; as the collection evolves from its darker, heavier , covered silhouette into the more lighter, sheerer, almost bare silhouette, we are presented with the different stages of the mourning period. Hair is the crucial symbol of the collection. reflected in the vibrant prints as well as in the individual jewelry pieces. Widowhood is combined with the strong character of ‘ Queen Margot’, from Patrice Chereau’s movie. Her blood stained dress is translated into the ‘Red’ print, her clothes from the époque, became the starting point for the form and volume development. So there’s the emphasis on the narrow waistline and the shoulder variations, the soft and voluminous drapery versus the strong,sharp cut.

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