Moonspoon Saloon (En)

“Catwalk inspires us to use the classical fashion statements such as make up and models, but also to put bizarre things on the catwalk.”

-Could you give us the short background of yourself and Monnspoon Saloon? (where you study, you work and also means of ‘Moonspoon saloon’)

Sara Sachs (SS) studied in Copenhagen at the Danish Design School and in London at Central Saint Martins, Tal R studied at the Danish Art Academy. Moonspoon means everything from what’s in the sky to what you put in your mouth. We started out working together on modern theater; Tal as the stage designer and Sara as the costume designer.

-What is the most important elements of your design?

SS: The characters we give life; “Ghost General”, “Mothers Finest”, “Handsome Vulcano”, ect. Somehow they have a life of their own. Our design process starts with something very small and grows from there. Perhaps a figure, an odd relic or a piece of fabric. Then the character joins a collection and becomes a piece of clothing. But our characters don’t die on the catwalk – they come back in other collections. Our production is done by individual crafts people. Some are amateurs and our designs are sometimes only a simple sketch that is interpreted by the crafts person. Coincidence plays a big role in our designs.

-What is the concept of the brand?

SS: The 99/99 concept means that we will make 99 designs 99 times. Moonspoon has a limited lifetime.

-Is catwalk important for your brand? If so why?

Tal R: Yes the catwalk is very important. We like it as a scene. It is a cruel place. It inspires us to use the classical fashion statements such as make up and models, but also to put bizarre things on the catwalk

-Where do you inspire from? How do you come up with the idea?

SS: I’m inspired by the conflicting elements of our time. It frustrates me and there are many things I don’t understand. I use design to cope and find a solution for myself.

-What inspire you at the moment?

SS: California

-How do you describe characteristic of your style which makes it difference from others?

A mix of authenticy and historic references.

-Describe your design philosophy

SS: I try too give a spiritual element to the designs by keeping the door open. I’m fascinated by naive crafts and folk art.

-How would you describe your customer?

SS: Just someone walking down the street in a Moonspoon Saloon outfit. It’s not tied in with other lifestyle elements.

-Apart from seasonal collection, you are doing some other project such as costume design and art work. Is there any relationship or completely different idea? You think relationship between art and fashion is important?

Tal R: Moonspoon Saloon is not really seasonal. Our last performance was in an art gallery in London and our next performance is in a museum in Stockholm. Somehow we mess up the seasonal thing all the time and end up with a light collection for A/W and find ourselves in a showroom for S/S with furs and sweaters.

-Does your design process always follow the same process?

SS: No. Never.

-What made you want to become designer?

SS: Can’t remember I was too young.

-What do you want to challenge next as Moonspoon? Is there any project upcoming?

SS: Our next project is a performance and a new collection titled California. It’s about the burden and weight of history vs California dreaming. A performance on roller-skates in quilted pastels.

-How do you find and decide upon your themes for each season?

Tal R: The things we can’t avoid are the things we work with. It’s all about desire. Rather than wearing a life jacket we tie a rock to the leg.

-Do you view fashion design as a means of expressing yourself?


-What do you think about fashion in Japan? What do you think about Japanese market?

SS: I love the idea of Japan. I need to go there soon.

-This is the first season in Japan. Where do you want to place your brand in Japanese market?

SS: Where the people love fashion. It seems like it would fit in many places.

-Is ‘Candy’ ideal shop for your brand?

Tal R: I think it’s a great start.

-What is fashion for you? Is there any answer in your collection?

Tal R: We are all clowns before the creator. Fashion is a way of celebrating that.

Interview:Masaki Takida, Yana&Yusuke(Candy), Text:Masaki Takida

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