Jon Sofferud

“Remnants of a marble boy”

I wanted to explore the subconsciousness of a sleepwalker, someone that is unaware of the circumstances how everything happened, when he wakes up in the morning, in forrest in different clothes that he went to bed with.The clothes is worn in a way that illustrates randomness and the feeling of wrapping something comfortable around you,and with the idea of the walk of shame back home i wanted to integrate the clothes like you wear/use a backpack, a bag or a suitcase.camouflaging the clothes as something you carry.The whole collection in its whole show the body vs. the clothesThe clothes are the evidence of what happened, and the body showcase fragility.The lightness in colour and fabric, vs the darkness and more heavy and structured fabrics. like wool and fur feeling.

Photo : Sébastien Greffe
Model : Toon Martens(Dominique models)

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