Marius Janusauskas

“Le Serpent Qui Danse”

The original idea for the collection reflects upon the concept of alternative femininity. The inspiration came primarily from monstrous women as represented in art, literature and film. The woman of the collection is wrapped in conflict: she appears as Dreadfulness, or in peril of castration and at the same time attracts attention by her particular elegance and beauty. Although her bodily proportions and emotional state (deformation) do not equate to the ideal vision of beauty, she is, by all means, beautiful.
The expression of alternative femininity is not intended to be a shocking or provocative act, but rather a personal response to aggressive consumption of beauty. In order to understand this woman it is important to begin by journeying through images created by Leonora Carrington and Alfred Kubin, and to become acquainted with the female characters from the films: A Reflection of Fear (1973), Alien (1979) or Sweetie (1989). Also recalling the voice of Hans Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and A Wail of Egle The Queen of Serpents. I am questioning and reframing traditional perceptions of femininity. The goal of the collection is to create the original look, which extends boundaries of ideal beauty.

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