I would like to bring back the love for couture by creating a new decadent couture.

—This was the second time for you at London fashion week. Is there any difference compare with first collection? (technically, mentally)

Every collection is a different story, another piece of my soul and mind. Sometimes there is a continues idea which I want to develop or approach again from a different point of view. The collections are really different but both of them have the atmosphere of decay of beauty and the pursuit after unachievable perfection.

—How was the response after the show from press or buyers?
The response was overwhelming for me, it was beyond my expectations, people wrote me that they were in tears and for me this is the core of my motivation. To touch people soul is the biggest reward.

—Can you temll us inspiration behind the collection?

The main idea behind the collection is the ridicules pursuit after unachievable beauty and perfection. I wanted to exaggerate with the proportions and ridicule the vanity.

—What is inspiring you at the moment?

I’m inspired by Japanese decadence. I love the gothlolli style and the Japanese approach to fashion in general.

—I think your style is kind of between ready to wear and couture(feel favour of couture). Do you want to make couture or something different?

I would like to give my interpretation of couture. I’m very much inspired by couture, but I think that couture had a bad name these days. I would like to bring back the love for couture by creating a new decadent couture. Something between couture and avant garde.

—l  I heard that you are planning to launch menswear near future. Have you got any clear vision or idea for womenswear? Is it going to be similar taste as womenswear or totally different?

It will defiantly be similar to the woman’s wear collections. Many garments in my collections are already very much unisex and I would like to develop this further.

—Are you planning to have a show at Bfc tent or maybe in Paris?

Yes, I would love to show at the BFC tent in the near future.

—Have you got any idea for next collection? If so tell us little bit about it?

I’m currently working on AW09 but it’s early days to talk about the inspiration. The inspiration and the ideas go through changes and develop throughout the process of the design. It will have a connection to the previous season but I promise it will exciting and a surprise.

—What is ideal Inbar Spector’s woman?

I don’t have ideal woman that I’m aiming for. I love how garments look so different on different people. The combination between the garment and the person who wears it give a new meaning and individual uniqueness to the garment. I like this individual style and I like people that wear my outfits in there own special and personal way.

—Do you find any Israelian roots in your design?

I geuss it must have influences on my work but I can’t say that my style is Israeli.

I think that the main influence on my work is from my Juewish roots. Most of my family was murdered in the holocoast because they were Juewish and it defenetly influenced my work. Many people describe my work as gothic but I don’t think it is middle age gothic I think it is morbid memories and the gap between hope and despire.

—Describe the style of your designs in short words.

Between coutoure and avantgard. Romantic and industrial. dark but with a human warmth.

(Interview,Text/Masaki Takida) 2008/October

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