Iris van Herpen (En)

the standard approaches like sexy or classy etcetera are not interesting for me

—Can you tell inspiration behind the collection of 09 A/W?

I worked around the concept that
the Egyptians transformed the (death) body into something really beautiful, a piece of art .
They tried to ‘create’ reality through their art. They considered the ‘reality’ that they created for their deaths as real reality, while the daily life was an illusion for them. In other words, take nothing that seems obvious at face value but create your own reality. This way of approaching reality, fiction and art, I tried to take with me into this collection and together with that I worked around the mummification techniques of the old Egyptians

—What is your design identity?

The use of special and unusual materials in every collection, the creation of new organic forms around the body and the androgynous avant-garde but feminine approach at the same time. Together with that the enormous amount of handcraft and detailing.

—Where do you get inspiration from?

That is changing from time to time, but the starting point of my inspiration are always the materials. The concept and further inspirations I collect unconscious while designing.

—What is the most enjoyable part of design?

The moment the design is totally finished and you put it on the model/person for the first
time. The design comes to life, it get its identity. It is a magic moment for me.

—Who are your design icons?

McQueen, Nicholas Ghesquière

—How would you describe your customer?

A self-conscious women with an open mind.

—How important is masculinity or feminity for your design?

It is an essential I take with me every collection, the standard approaches like sexy or classy etcetera are not interesting for me. I try to create another feminity, and leave the standards.

—Does your design activity always follow the same process?
Not at all. I do not draw anything, its all in my head. And I work with my instinct, intuition and experimenting a lot, so every collection comes in anther way to me.

Describe the style of your designs in short words.

Androgynous- feminity, avant-garde, fluently, slightly futuristic, dark and three-demensinional

HP –

(Interview, Text/Masaki Takida) 2009/April

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