Anne-sophie Hotot (En)

I like to incorporate contrasting fabrics to create distinctive, timeless pieces of a high standard.

—Inspiration behind the collection of 09 A/W

Russian aristocracy and military uniform inspired my AW09 collection. Classical men’s tailoring, which I like to mix with different feminine archetypes, fascinates me. This manifests itself within the collection by contrasting feminine fabrics with layers of zippers scaling the contours of the body.

—How was the response from the buyers and press after the first collection?

The response to the collection was really positive. The overall opinion complimented the flattering characteristics of my designs, stressing on the edginess and individuality of the collection while keeping wearability.

—How would you describe your style?

I aim to create innovative tailoring with a modern feminine approach. My designs are clean and elegant. I like to incorporate contrasting fabrics to create distinctive, timeless pieces of a high standard.

—How would you describe your customer?

My target customer shows interest in trends while keeping individuality within her style. Her appearance reflects her strong personality. She likes to mix edgy pieces with classic vintage and constantly develops her own style.

—How important is ’sexuality’ or ‘feminity’ for your design?

My designs have an empowering quality, which I associate with a sense of sensuality. I exploit the female form within strong architectural shapes to achieve strong silhouettes without compromising on femininity.

—Who are your design icons?

I often turn to art and architecture for inspiration and admire designers like Zaha Hadid and David Adjaye. Their work provides a constant reference to my design process.

—What do you get through working with other designers such as Richard Nicholl?

Working for other fashion labels has given me a great insight within the business side of the industry. But most of all, I get the opportunity to work with highly talented and creative people.

—What made you want to become designer?

Some designers fall into it by accident however Fashion has always been my main interest. I enjoy literature, sculpture and other contemporary art forms but they just tend to act as a fuel to my inspiration for design. I always knew I could never have been fulfilled without working within the industry. Launching my own label was just a natural progression.

—Is there any specific designer or person that had strong influence on your career?

I always admired Gaultier for its unconventional approach to French fashion. Labels like Balenciaga and Lanvin represents such exquisite creativity and craftsmanship while keeping the essence of long standing fashion houses.

—What do you think is the advantages and disadvantages of working based in London?

London is one of the most creative places to be. It oozes with diversity and lack of restrictions. I enjoy the freedom of expression and the constant look out for new and exciting talent. This melting pot of style creates great freedom of expression and plenty opportunities for young talent.

—Where inspire you most London, Northern France or Edinburgh?

I suppose the main influence in my designs remains my French heritage. I have however been living in Britain for so long that its culture and style influence me greatly. I consider this an invaluable asset.

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Interview, Text/Masaki Takida

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