Scottee (En)

Our aim is to provide a decent night of original entertainment from all ages, backgrounds & practices,

-Tell us about yourself. What is your background?

I was born in a land far far away, and then my parents decided Kentish Town in North London was the best place to raise me. Its a concrete jungle full of social housing. When I was a teenager I hated it, I felt really uncomfortable there – its was the kind of place where knife crime and muggings was the norm and anyone who looked or acted different was frowned apon. Lucky I had a lovely friend called Louisa who always made sure I was ok. When I was 12 I went to a theatre afterschool group and got hooked, I loved it so much Im still performing today.

-How would you describe your performance style? How it has developed over the years?

Erratic – Painful and Clumsy. I like things to be uncomfortable to watch but entertaining. I love documenting the demise of female emotions, especially public show of emotions. When i first started out i think my work was more avant garde, now I’ve refined my style a little and worked out my aesthetic i think Im more polished.

-Where do you get inspiration from? How do you come up with the ideas?

I’m also really inspired but perturbed by the dark side of femininity like domestic abuse, rape, illegal abortions etc. Most characters start with a basic idea, my Diet Coke break show came from 90’s adverts of New York women flocking to the office window at 11:30 to see a muscle boy drink his cola. I added this with the YouTube phenomena ‘Diet Coke & Mentos’ and built a story of housewife who gets up the duff by the Diet Coke boy and she ends up giving birth to a bottle ―OBVIOUSLY!

-What are you currently working on ?

Im working on my solo MESS which debuts in London in November, its a collection of solo work ive done over the last 3 years in one mammoth show.

-Tell us about “Scot – tee”?

I was commission by Digitaria London and Athens to create a Tshirt range for them, I was bored of seeing fantastic prints only stock up to XL, so i made a tshirt for fat people ‘One Size Fits All’ is only stocked at XXXL, it means anyone can wear it regardless of your size.

-Are you planning to develop your own label?

My label comes out in October this year. Its plus size couture.

-Tell us about “Eat your heart out” (How did you come up with concept of this event and do you have any future plan for this event?

Eat Your Heart Out wears its heart on its sleeve & explores the world of performance in a Working Mens boozer – you will not be bombarded with issues or have to sit through a lesbian cutting herself. Our aim is to provide a decent night of original entertainment from all ages, backgrounds & practices, and our opening night line up reflects that -

-How do you find the other artists for your event such as EYHO?

Usually they are people i have worked with or peers whos work i really admire, Im really fussy who i let perform at EYHO because its really important for me to create a space that produces quality work.

-What actually motivates you?


-What would you like to challenge next? How would you like to be in the future?

A Woman.

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