Canedicoda (En)

“I can see rhythm and i can listen to images.”

-Tell us brief description about you

I’m Canedicoda, I’m born in Italy and I live in the mountains, not to far from Venezia. I love to make abstract drawings and I do a lot of screen-printings. I love and play music too. My cloth-project wants to be the wearable expression of those two passions: abstract drawings and sounds.

-How did you get into fashion in the first place?

I’m not really a lot into fashion, I’m more like a curious art-craftsman, I like to do things by hands. I remember I did myself a ninja costume when I was a child. That was probably my first “dress”.

-How did you start designing?

More about designing I would talk about drawings and I always did. I love to draw when I’m traveling. During the last years I started to think more about the volumes, the shapes and the material of my creations, but I’m still very raw or uncultured.

-What made you want to become designer?

The Time.

-What are the source of inspiration in your fashion and graphic design?

As I said before abstract and sounds, but going deeply my inspiration has nature itself as main character and the human been as an simple animal. I’d like to be very basic, essential, like a circle and I‘d ike to have a social point of view. I’m interested on relations.

-Is there any connection between fashion design and music?

I can see rhythm and i can listen to images.

-What have you done so far? What is your latest project?

I had party time in Milano with friends for the Salone del Mobile.. it’s a design situation and it’s good to see new things around. I’m even keeping on organizing music events at our venue. It’s called Codalunga and we often have music shows guesting musician from all around the world. Then I’m preparing 17 new limited pieces and 17 new unique pieces. I’m also working on an art installation for Patricia Armocida Gallery in Milano for the next june, and of course new Marsèll Goccia shoes. I’ll be playing music next week in Venezia and in two weeks in Rome for a big festival. There are always a lot of good things to do. I’m trying to make programs but I even like to improvise, so days run fast.

-How is the underground/street fashion scene like in Italy?

In Italy is very hard to believe in your dream so people are more used to go for regular jobs.
And actually Italians are kind of conservative, so even in the underground fashion scene there is not so much fun. There is fun at parties, but cloths are often boring, especially for man’s. But I’m new and I don’t know so much.

-How did you feel about fashion scene in Tokyo?

Tokyo is very special. I felt in love with the city. Everyday you can see so much people around, there is a so big quantity of humanity that it really becomes necessary to find out something special, something that make you feel different from the others. So people looked to me very curious and ready to be exited by new things. I loved Tokyo. It’s long time I’m working on the idea of unique pieces and I felt this is the right place. I’ll try to be back soon.

-What are the most important factors when you approach your work?

Well, I like to be surprised, so sometimes I do improvisation even when I’m printing. I do everything by hand, always, so the process is kind of slow. The most important thing is simply feeling good and to go straight, be concentrated and don’t think there is something wrong. I like to “read” my work after I have done it.

-How do you describe characteristic of your style which makes it difference from others?

Maybe one of the main point it’s that my work is really made by hand. The printings are totally handmade, piece by piece, and I’m alone, in my studio I still work alone.

-Is there any designers or person that had a strong influence of your work?

People at Marsèll made me grow up a lot. It is a beautiful collaboration. It’s a great product with a solid style and they are very honest persons. As designers I must say It was very easy to be fascinated of course by the clearness of M.M.Margiela, the fantasy of B. Willhelm and the installations of H. Vibskov.

-Are there any artists or creators you want to work with?

My girlfriend?

-How do you see your brand developing over the next couple of years?

I’m my brand and I want to keep doing things on my way, always by hand, I just would like to find a good place in front of the sea and make a studio there: things will easily go on.

Interview:Masaki Takida

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