Katie Gallagher (En)

“Im taking one season at a time. Thats the furthest into the future I can see right now. ”

-Can you explain about your latest collection?

The Fw10 collection was inspired originally by a winter landscape I painted to help me understand the color palette that I was imaging for the season. The seams of the pieces wrap and curve around the lines and proportions of the female form to create a natural fit.

-How did you get into fashion in the first place?

I decided I wanted to go to art school when I was in high school–I went to Rhode Island School of Design, once there I decided that I wanted to choose apparel design as my major because I really wanted to take a solid skill from my four years of school. I chose a design major versus a fine arts major. I realized once I was in the department, designing clothing was a perfect form of expression for me.

-How did you come to establish the label?

I was given a space to show my SS10 collection during fashion week only 3 months after graduating from college. This drove me to create a 22 look collection and show it. I didnt really know what would happen from there. Was it something that you always wanted? I had always dreamed of having a line, yes, but I didnt know it would creep up on me so quickly. I am very lucky to be doing what I am doing at my age! Ive very excited to see what the future will bring in terms of my line.

-What are the source of inspiration in your fashion and graphic design?

I look to my own drawings and imagination mostly. I never have a strict point of inspiration for everything I design and make.

-How would you describe your fashion philosophy?

I design things that I want to be wearing myself. I would never make anything that I, myself wouldnt put on.

-How would you describe your customer?

Strong and confident women, any age!

-How do you find and decide upon your themes for each season?

There is no real set of rules here either. Most everything comes from the things I sketch and draw.

-Is there any designers or person that had a strong influence of your work?

Not really, no.

-Do you view fashion design as a means of expressing yourself?

Definitely! But, when I need to survive financially off of what I do, I cant only think about myself and what I am trying to express. I have to also begin to think about my customers and what they want to wear.

-What does NY mean to you and what sort of influence has it had on your creations?

New York is a great place to work. Everything is so easily accessible here. The garment district is an incredible place for sourcing everything you can possibly need to produce garments.

-What are the most important factors when you approach your work?

My pattern making techniques–I approach pattern making pretty nontraditionally. I never use a side seam. Textiles are also extremely important to what I do. Without the right fabrics, a piece can really go wrong.

-What are the difficulties faced being a designer today?

For me, its just monetary. Without enough money, everything gets a little bit compromised which is unfortunate and frustrating when there is a solid vision that Im trying to share.

-How would you describe your own personal style?

Its what I make! My collections are basically extreme versions of my own personal style.

-What is you vision for the future?

Im taking one season at a time. Thats the furthest into the future I can see right now. I want be able to continue making collections and creating all the things I love.

Interview:Masaki Takida

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