Valentim Quaresma

“I am not interested in understanding what distinguishes between fashion design and jewelry but I am interested in finding the place where they meet and complement each other, that is the true challenge.”

-Can you explain about your latest 10-11 A/W Collection?

This collection’s title is “Speed”.
I have created a chess game where I reflect about velocity and patience using car parts has raw-material. These were analyzed so that each of them transmitted different shapes of tension and movement in an unpredicted way.
The game pieces are recreated in my creative universe and each element represents a character that identifies a state of mind.

-Is there any designers or person that had a strong influence of your work?

I work a space with about other 10 artists (fashion designers, photographers, plastic artists, painters, sculptures, etc) in a very stimulating environment that influences my work by the great creative energy that everyone has, and also by Ana Salazar with whom I work since I was 18 years old.

-How do you describe characteristic of your style which makes it difference from others?

The main characteristic in my work is in the choice of materials I make to express the concept I intend to develop. I like to choose a piece that was thought to a specific effect and give another use that is as effective. I don’t know if this makes me a lot different from others but it is what gives me more pleasure.

-How would you describe your customer? What do you think your fans seek in your accessories?

I don’t really know who my buyers are since I am not the one who sells my pieces but actually the stores that represent me, but I like to think that they are people who want to feel special, who want to provoke emotion when they use my pieces or buy them to collect.

-Did you become a jewelry designer by accident or was it something that you always wanted?

I work in this field since I was 16 years old; it is what I always wanted to do.

-Do you feel that brand concepts and seasonal themes are important in expressing a collection image?

Absolutely yes, the concept includes the understanding of the creative process that includes the collection’s image and this take to a journey to the universe of all the developed work. The collection’s image is as important as the collection itself.

-What are the sources of inspiration in your design? What is your favorite material?

I have several sources of inspiration. Antique shops, internet, museums, books, cinema, music but the main one is the local flea market where I find an amazing diversity of materials and objects that tell me stories. Both my ateliers are also very important since they have a great influence in me work by the atmosphere I create in them. I have got one to develop big pieces and try materials. It is located in an old factory and this is where I seclude and develop all the creative part of my work. The other one is in the middle of my city where my team is and where we develop all of the commercial part.
Metal is my favorite material because of its technological diversity, but the biggest challenge is to find a common ground with the materials I choose to unite them in an effective and unexpected way.

-Can you remember when you first started being interested in fashion? What was the trigger?

I was 18 years young when I started to develop my work with Ana Salazar who is the biggest Portuguese fashion designer. I felt hugely fascinated by her work and she was always my favorite creator. After 20 years we still work together, it is always a very stimulating challenge because our universes touch, we both the same attitude in fashion and she has always been the one who inspired and incited me to continue to develop my work.

-What are the difficulties faced being a designer today?

The biggest one is managing all the structure needed to make money. It is very complicated to an artist or designer to manage without training.

-What do you think is the relationship and difference between fashion design and jewelry design?

When related to fashion jewels role is to reaffirm the concept developed in the garments. But the concept Jewel can a lot further from simple design if it has as base the creative process common with other forms of artistic expression.
I am not interested in understanding what distinguishes them but I am interested in finding the place where they meet and complement each other, that is the true challenge.

-What is your vision for the future?

Very positive but nothing can be achieved without a lot of work and patience.

Interview:Masaki Takida

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