Compared to the vast market in Japan, we can’t really say there are many shops which stock good designers’ vintage pieces in London yet, but there are some emerging shops we need to watch out.
‘STORM IN A TEACUP’ in Haggerston is one of those and is the brainchild of Claudia Raba, international model and Joe Miller, artist, stylist and set designer. The shop features an eclectic mix of rare designers’s vintage stuff which are the likes of Comme des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood and Issey Miyake, new collection from Eley Kishimoto and also colourful handmade sweets. organised the interview with Joe, one of the founders and fashion pirates digging for buried treasure across the globe.

-Can you tell us the concept and aesthetics of your shop?

The concept of the shop was simple really, we wanted to create something that translated our personalities. The aesthetics of the shop, I believe, reflects this reasonably well. We restored an old Georgian shop to its original bare state then applied our individuality using reclaimed timber from a Georgian conversion, 150 year old French oak Sleepers, Orange Neon Perspex, toughened Glass & Steel. The store is there to showcase our collection of Designer Vintage that we have been collecting for years & the introduction of guest designers, currently Eley Kishimoto & ultimately the introduction of our own label. The olde fashioned sweet counter, we have nicknamed ‘The Candy Stop’, is there to add an element of fun to the whole concept. You really have to pay us a visit to see for yourself…

-Can you tell us both of your personal background? Especially Joe, I heard you used to work with Vivienne Westwood for a long period of time so I wonder how was the days with her?

I was a Fine Art graduate that stumbled into fashion via a brief spell at Mario Testino’s office in Latimer Road thanks to a good friend of mine, Simon Perry, who was Mario’s assistant at the time. This led on to me working for Vivienne Westwood where I gained an insight into styling & became heavily involved in the Set Designs of her Paris shows. I later began freelancing in both styling & set design until deciding along with Claudia to create ‘Storm In A Teacup’.

Claudia was studying science of theatre and history in Munich, whilst modelling in Germany on the side. Eventually she decided to leave Munich and travel the world, she has been working as an International Model ever since. She has an incredible talent for finding hidden treasures wherever she finds herself…

-How did you find the passion for designers’ vintage stuff and why decide to open the shop?

We are both natural hoarders! We have been collecting, not only fashion but anything of interest, since way before we even knew each other existed! Every opportunity to get our hands on something special we would jump on it. We travel a lot, so always picking up not only designer pieces but pieces & items we find fascinating. We are fashion pirates & this is our treasure. The shop realistically evolved into a necessity to give our passion a purpose other than self gratification.

-What is the criteria when you handpick the pieces?

We have to love it.

-What is the reason why the shop stocks new stuff of Eley Kishimoto as well as vintage pieces?

We ultimately plan on introducing our own label to the shop & we believe by inviting other guest designers to the table it will pave the way for our venture in the future. Mark Eley has been a good friend of mine for many years since our paths crossed rather famously on the boulevards of Paris…

-What do you wear everyday? Are they also vintages?

I tend to wear different stuff everyday, today I’m wearing Margiela trainers, vintage leather trs, 1940’s reversable knit, Norwegian Hand made cardigan & a RAF Simons boiled wool overcoat. I would say a healthy mix of vintage & designer…

from Left:Vivienne Westwood (from Wild Beauty Collection 2001AW) £950, Balenciaga £450, Junya Watanabe £260

-Can you tell us your favorite, the most special piece you own?

Too many to pick 1! That’s crazy, I am rather fond of a knit wear piece I have from Vivienne Westwood ‘Time Machine’ collection…

-I guess you like parties as I see you at night very often. Whereabouts do you hang out?

Any place that’ll have me, I like a good solid old fashion pub & a proper beer, however I do tend to end up in Manero’s pretty often as it’s right next door to my flat & an old friend is the owner…

-Can you tell us the upcoming news of your shop? I guess you will have more new designers’ collections and parties?

All of the above. We are shooting a video for I-D Online this week which should be interesting, I am miming to a track by ‘A Band of Buriers’, it’s going to be quite surreal I imagine? We hope to collaborate with my bro’s band ‘Sons of Mischief’ at some point too.

366 Kingsland Road
E8 4DA
Tel: +44(0)2081275471
Opening Hours: Mon-Tue Appointment Only, Wed-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6

Interview & Text:Yasuyuki Asano Photo:Kazuma Sato

Chanel £550

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