sophie toporkoff

―What did you study at Paris, Berlin and NY?

I studied mostly graphic design. But the classes included a huge training in drawing, and also some photography, video…

―You made cultural magazine Rendez-Vous and Agenda. What was the concept of each magazines?

“Agenda” was mostly a city guide. We really focused on Paris: what to do, who to meet, what to watch, where to go… It was almost a diary of our lives.
“Rendez-Vous” was more ambitious, in its own way. We tried to keep that same “family” spirit in the process, but to push it forward. Go outside of our circles, and meet people in very various fields (from fashion to art, but also philosophy, entertainment…) that we were interested in and thought would also interest and surprise our readers. Same idea with the photography.

―Who was the most influential artist for your art making?

There are so many… But let’s say, in a graphic perspective, that John Baldessari, Raymond Pettibon, Sol Lewitt, Georgia O’Keefe, Christian Marclay, Claes Oldenburg or Jenny Holzer can’t be avoided.

―You seems to be actively doing collaboration with fashion brand such as Maison Martin Margiela or UNIQLO. What is the differences between your expression in the field of fashion and your drawing work?

The obvious difference is one is a commissioned work, when the other one is not. And that totally changes the way I work. But it doesn’t mean that one is “better” or “easier” than the other one.

―In 2008, you joined Maison Martin Margiela as a communication art director. What is Communication art direction?

It’s basically everything that is visual about the communication of the Maison Martin Margiela. It can be: finding ideas about how to promote the Maison in general or one product in particular, choosing photographers / video artists for various projects, imagining the concept of an exhibition, designing invitations or catalogues, working on the fashion show etc. It varies every day, and it’s really lots of fun.

―What is the most importnat factor you need to be art director?


―What was the trigger to start making illustration of portraits?

Enthusiasm ;-)

―Is there any field you want to star while your art making?

I had, a few years ago, a first experience in the cinema field — working on the movie “Putty Hill” by Matt Porterfield — and I loved it so much I would like to do it again.

―Please tell us what we should look up on in your GASBOOK pop 05.

and you can check more there:On page24 of the Gasbook, I introduce one new project called “French Auto Tunes”. It’s a blog about 3-letter band or musician names on French license plates, and you can check more there:

Interview:Tomoka Shimogata, Masaki Takida Translation:Risa Nakazawa

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