O.W.H.H.R.M. 1/2 (English)

The digital world of infinity over the Internet. While consuming a lot of information there rapidly, you can occasionally bump into something really fascinating. Then sometimes it is much more than your expectation and brings you to another huge world.

A friend of mine happened to find a street wear label wrapped in mystery, when he was googling images in a weird way which was typing keys at random.

From Greece, where is known for its ancient civilization and myth, and also in past few years for the news about its political economic situation, the label has covertly generated its spiritual aesthetics based on the uncompromising thought, developed by the mash-up of vast cultural history.

What it is raising to us through its thought-evoking intensity of graphics, is a creative mystery based on well calculated logic, or a sort of new religious propaganda as a backlash against current state of the world?

What do you feel from the iconography and how do you interpret it?

What is the real, delivered by the Greek underground street wear label, O.W.H.H.R.M.?

—–Tell us about yourself… who you are, your background and how you came to launch the label ‘O.W.H.H.R.M.’ ?

This is the Monad of the Most High O.W.H.H.R.M. 616.

Hailing from a background in creative expression from the very first stages of being. The label O.W.H.H.R.M. is yet, only the bud that came into fruition from a seed that has been cast into soil since childhood. Through the weeds of creative struggles and expressional anguish, it has now manifested in that which is today the O.W.H.H.R.M. garments underground clothing brand.

—–What does the label name ‘O.W.H.H.R.M.’ mean?

The meaning behind O.W.H.H.R.M. is the root of the True mystical Essence of this endeavor and a great Mystery.

Despite the Most True and hidden meaning of the Word, customers, affiliates and those interested are called upon to create their own interpretation.

The graphics themselves are guides full of clues and symbols, in some cases crystal clear. The more one can study them or is interested in doing so and also depending on the philosophical standpoint from where this is conducted, the closer she/he can get to the essence.

Ultimately, the O.W.H.H.R.M. is a symbol and a unification of the great paths and mysteries of Life in it’s whole and the essence of it’s meaning resonates through every single being. Those who haven’t invested in such ways of thought are just drawn by the aesthetic of the brand’s iconography which radiates the aforementioned truths. She/He who seeks, shall find.

—–Where do you sell your garments and what kinds of people buy them? Also how do you advertise your garments?

The garments are first and foremost available through the brand itself, whether it’s straight from the source after contact has been made or through the occasional local garment exhibition.

There are also very few selected and prolific tattoo parlors of the Greek tattooing community with which the brand has close affiliations and those bare the mark and product of the O.W.H.H.R.M. Their support has been most cherished and essential.

The most satisfying part is that the clothes, despite their sort of “extreme” aesthetic are worn by people in every branch of culture, areas of music, the arts and of extremely different backgrounds. This is something that only proves the active essence of the brand’s meaning and aesthetic.

Spreading of the Cloth is mostly based on word of mouth and internet presence. There hasn’t been any other form of advertising than the work itself yet.

—–I can see you sell clothes not just to make money but to share your belief, because of the low price range (€10-25) and actually in the website you mention ‘wear the cloth spread the message’… what are your belief behind the label and the message to us?

Firstly, to make some things clear:
Money is only needed to be made for the sustainment of the creative mission and the survival of the brand.

That doesn’t mean that money is not important. It is actually very much the opposite but this being said consciously and not with greedy tendencies. Almost everyone knows to what extent money is important, it’s just that because of the increase of actual but also fabricated needs that we as people get very often mislead.

The low price range is thus only because there is an understanding towards the financial state of most people around and also those interested in the brand. Also, in a place like Greece, iconography of this sort would probably go nowhere if it was highly priced. Sacrifice is one thing, suicide is another.

The ultimate goal is to have items of aesthetic importance ranging from a very low price to prices high enough but that actually worth it. The majority of people getting in touch express something more of a concern towards the low prices, believing that the worth of the pieces is higher and this claim could have some truth in it. But increases will be made and there are already new items that will cost more due to the work being put into their creation, since everything is created with great spiritual and intellectual input but also bodily effort. Also every piece is hand silk screen printed the old school way.

As for the message and messages, those are basically expressed through the artwork and “design propaganda” posted on the brand’s website and blogs.

The senses need to be as wide and open as the mind should be and to all types of experience. The “balanced” mind will not be in danger. Everything is knowledge and knowledge is more important through experience. Embrace the unknown.

—–Your garments are characterised by the intense graphic prints… where do inspirations for the mad graphics come from and how do you describe your style?

The graphics are inspired by the merge of aesthetics that have been already available from the early years of human expression until today, all filtered through ecstatic earthly passions both positive and negative, a fresh view and philosophical stand point with roots in symbolism, esotericism and the occult.

It is culture abuse and a lash back against the impact of the abuse made by culture on the human psyche through the ages. It’s a riddle and an allegory.

—–Your works as an artist include many different things, from drawings and illustrations to making music and writing… tell us a little bit more about your activity as an multi artist and how your art is connected to your garments?

All the creative endeavors done outside the O.W.H.H.R.M. are but the theory conveyed within the graphics, just through other forms of practice. The interest towards almost all facets of creative expression is really a passion for the exploration of the vast terrain that is creation.

It is the experience of the Self and the communication with others. That doesn’t mean this communication is always coherent or successful or even meaningful but that is the way of things, you keep up the effort till it bears fruit, whether in the material form or the intellectual!

—–Many Japanese aspects, from letters such as ‘幽玄’ and ‘オルガスム’ to Hentai motifs, are fused into your graphics, and also I know you like Japanese films such as ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Fist of the Northstar’… Why are you so fascinated by those Japanese cultures?

Aside from the purely psychological impact being made by a half Greek – half Japanese older sister, the amount of Japanese animation in Greek television in the mid 80’s was immense. When one realizes that Mamoru Oshii, the man who directed “The wondrous Journey of Niels Holgersson – ニルスのふしぎな旅 “ later directed a marvel such as Ghost in the shell (1 & 2) , it’s easy to assume and just one example of why Japanese art and artists have been so greatly inspirational.

Only in Japanese art one can see so many different elements coexisting and the results are most often wondrous. It is something very similar to Greek mythology and mythology in general actually. A debate over anime, manga art and Japanese art in general could last forever.

—–As far as I know, it looks you listen to a wide range of music but you are especially into modern Dutch black metal bands… why do you love them? And what is your view to the typical idea of initial black metal bands which is represented by Satanism?

The Dutch bands you are referring to probably are De Magia Veterum, Cloak Of Altering, Gnaw Their Tongues and Seirom. Aside from the fact that the music produced by each of these projects is of the most inspired music ever created, with an array of layers and transitions of extreme aural and emotional value (something similar to the complexity and coexistence of different elements mentioned in the previous answer), the second fact that these are different projects of only one and the same man is more than enough to make it even more appealing and marvelous.

The intensity, concepts and melodies of Black metal and “extreme” music in general has played a very big inspirational role in both the O.W.H.H.R.M. and the creative activities outside the brand but that does not exclude other music genres at all.

As for the initial but also newer black metal and death metal bands which expressed Satanic ideology in some form or another and to whatever extent, only respect goes towards them, as long as and since the intensity that flows through their work gave form into something with a bigger meaning and even with a spiritual impact that is more than just mere words and tunes. The difference and controversy that such bands have created, only means breakthrough and evolution to those who care to pay attention, both in the arts and the way we see and think things through.

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