So Takayama

The world of the future might be like Japan is today- super flat.
Society, customs, art, culture: all are extremely two-dimensional.
Where is our reality?
the super Flat Manifesto:Takashi Murakami 2000

You can get anything you want in front of your display. You don’t need a imagination, Just type some words.
What you see is what you see. There is no depth. Everything becomes flat.

My message through the collection is how we can find or define one’s individuality / identity in postmodern world.
I choose to use Japanese Pop-culture, Anime, Manga image to create the collection.
Japanese Anime represents well fragmentation of image and emptiness of symbol. It is made from different
combination of existing symbols. A Number of combination is infinite.
I see this phenomenon is similar to a fashion system. We use existing symbols or form in order to create new fashion and messages.
Is it original? Is there a original?
My answer is No.
As Baudrillard – French philosopher- says, postmodern society is flooded with simulacra = copy of copy.
My designing process is copy and paste images from internet to create new image.
Then I realize these images in 3 dimensional shape around body, as fashion.
Flat image doesn’t tell 3 dimensional information. This process is same process as how we perceive reality, we see just front.
Final silhouette is just result of edit images, no meaning, no ideology, fullness of empty symbols.
Then, back to my question.
How can we define our individuality with fragmented-flat-fashion in Awkward-real-world?

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