Sarah Archut

“The Forgotton”

Every year at midsummernight, a forgotten ghost appears. Alone, and looking
for some ritual fun.
The ghost of ancient times, cursed by villagers long time ago, isn’t able
to do phisical work herself, therefore she hypnotises virgin girls to commit
tasks for her.
She wanders in the woods preferable, looking for her prey. The unhappily
left virgin sisters, not aware of any harm, feel her addictive presence
and are taken in the flow.
THe ghost who walks them to the grave, takes them in her arms to make them
her own. she condems the girls to kill their sleeping father, a farmer
which she still hates from her own damnation, which feeds her pride.
When daybreak soon arrives she has no other choice than deprive her of her
newborn followers, as they no longer have any use.

Photographer: Athos Burez

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