Anissa Aouar

“1 husband, 2 dogs, 3 billion $”

Today social and material success are very important in many societies.
It is really easy to get judged on what we processed and the way we look.
My collection is dealing with the idea of social success, coming from the society of consumption.

The woman I am presenting in my collection is embodying the stereotype of a certain superficiality and obssession about appearance.

Her ideal of beauty is represented by Barbie, an idealisation of the woman in our society, who reflects an image of perfection.
For her, beauty is a way to get what she desires : a lot of money, fabulous jeweleries, glittery shoes, cute doggies, suntane skin, etc.

She only has her beauty to succeed in life, so she manages to marry a rich man who can support her needs.
They both create an association, with on the one hand money and on the other hand plastic beauty to create the perfect superficial union.

The man who is supporting her was a succesfull person in his youth, but he is now getting old without knowing what to do with his money, appart from spending it in expensive costumes and convertible cars.

Regarding those two inspirations, I used in my collection a very soft and girly color palet of pinks and greens who also remind the dollars, with plastic effects to express the feminine influence. And to express the masculine influence I used heavy wools who remind men costumes in darker tones and checked patterns.

I wanted to push this stereotyped beauty and lifestyle to an exageration that I treated in the end in a ridiculous funny way.

My collection revieals a woman who wants too much of everything and who is becoming at the end a caricature of herself. ; giving a funny and joyfull felling to the collection.

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