—Inspiration behind the collection

The initial concept for A/W2009, was based around ideas of science and religion, and their relevance in the 21st century. And ideas to do with modern society, social engineering and protection. And an obvious 80’s sci-fi vibe for good measure.
How was the first show during London Fashion Week?
It was incredible! I don’t think it quite hit home till about 2 weeks after. At the time it was really busy and everyone running all over the place trying to get ready and I was really scared, I wanted everything to be perfect, down to the music.

—How was the response after the show compare with the last season? Buyer contacts?

The response was really amazing. So many brilliant people attended the show, and gave brilliant feedback, help and advice. I think that’s what, as a new designer, you really need!

—How long did you have time to prepare the catwalk?

About 4 days! I think that’s why it felt so mental. Im glad in a way though, otherwise I would of be stressing for months instead of days, and shows are always hectic anyway regardless.

—Can you evaluate other two designers Komakino and Craig Lawrence?

I think they’re both amazing designers (well design team with Komakino). I think komakino last collection brilliantly exploited a menswear utilitarian vibe, which is very relevant right now. And they consistently produce good street menswear. I loved craig’s collection as well, I think consideration of movement is often something designers neglect, but he captured this very skillfully. Also I surprised myself by really liking his colour palette, which is an obvious contrast to my own!
I think all-in-all, the three collections at blow presents really complimented each other, in their diversity and it was very exciting to see all the work come together and be exhibited in such a way.

—I think the quality and imagination of your collection have significantly improved compare with the last season. Is there any difference such as technical aspect or resources etc…. or maybe because you could concentrate on design after graduation?

I was able to concentrate on exactly what I wanted to do, there was no restrictions because someone couldn’t understand why I wanted to do x,y, or z. I could just do it. But there was a massive reduction in resources, lack of time, money and equipment. It was very much more on a make do basis!

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(Interview, Text/Masaki Takida) 2009/May

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