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“My actions are mostly out of emotions and I let things flow without starting to think too much about it. “

-Please tell us brief information about you?

My agent Anne du Boucheron from Management + Artists + Organization put down a few lines not long ago:
Born in Germany in 1979, Daniel Sannwald is emerging as one of the true original voices in contemporary photography. In a landscape dominated by referential and repetitive imagery, Daniel is establishing a strong and recognizable signature that is already catching the attention of some of the most influential trendsetters in the fashion and photography industries. His surrealistic and hauntingly beautiful images speak of a world were Fashion and Art meet to reveal a unique narrative.

Daniel studied at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and is now based in London.
Daniel contributes to numerous magazines. Amongst them: Dazed & Confused, i-D, Vogue Hommes Japan, V magazine and Qvest. His work has been honored with a nomination by the Photomuseum Winterhur in Switzerland, and a Lead Award nomination in Germany. He has photographed projects for Louis Vuitton, Nike, Philips Electronics, Adidas, Replay, Wrangler and Shiseido.

-What are the source of inspiration in your fashion photography?

Life and People. I met so many people in my life not just in my career that inspired me a lot. Some people which fascinated me by the things they had to say, others by the way they live and approach life, others for what they do. I can’t give a special importance to one of them. My actions are mostly out of emotions and I let things flow without starting to think too much about it. But I really do care in life for details ? it’s the small things that makes me exited and which inspires me

-How did you get interested in photography?/ What made you want to become fashion photographer?

My earliest recollection of noticing photography was with my father who was an artist, who used a lot of video and photography in his work. He took a couple of images of me dressed up in costumes and projected the images on canvas and airbrushed them into very strange collages. As a teenager I was really inspired by the way my mum took photos. She always hates to take photos but the outcome is always good. She is almost like a kid holding a camera for the first time. Every photographic rule is broken and the image just looks free. Only my mother is able to cut off all the heads of a family portrait and make it still look nice.
I really like to work with Fashion and Photography. Until now it gives me a certain freedom to combine work and free work. But I always felt that Fashion Photography is not the end of my journey, I will do it as long as it gives me satisfaction but there are so many things in life, which I think I would enjoy like working with kids and film. Maybe at one point I would like to become a teacher or start doing documentary films.

-Is there any brand or person you want to take a photo?


-Is there any artists or persons that had a strong influence of your career?

Not one in particular ? mostly my friends and Art created by non artists.

-Do you decide images or situation how you want to take photo before shooting?

I mostly start of with doing a mood board and use that as an inspiration for a following story line which I try then to capture in image work.

-What does Royal Academy of Antwerp mean to you and what sort of influence has it had on your creations?

I’ve graduated and was lucky to be in a class with nice people such as Bruna Kazinoti and Albert Folch. It was a beautiful time and I’m so happy I met such nice people ? my class really inspired me and gave me new directions. But also friends from other departments like Mikio Sakabe, Peter Pilotto or Johanna Trudzinski inspired me on my journey.

-What do you place the most emphasis on in photography?

To move others in one way or the other.

-How do you describe characteristic of your style which makes it difference from others?

I am very busy in experimenting with photography and in showing errors and mistakes in a society that is busy in creating the perfect image. Especially in, fashion photography, the field I am working.
It makes me happy to see mistakes and imperfection in my work.

-What is your upcoming project?

My own Book which is almost ready and it feels so exciting to know that next year my book will be distributed over the US, Europe and Japan.

Dazed and Confused January issue 2010 says:
“If you like the work fashion photographer Daniel Sannwald has done for Dazed over the years, you´ll be as excited as us that he is going to have a book published. Not as excited as Daniel, of course. It´s the chance for him to showcase some of his more personal work alongside the achingly beautiful editorials. “The selection is like different puzzle pieces,” he tells us. “But placed together it will make everything complete, and form an identity of me.” Form a queue. MH”
More info here :

Interview & Text:Masaki Takida

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