Rikki Kasso (En)

“Just as a great book is translated in to many languages, my vision is translated through many mediums.”

―What is the concept behind the Rikki Kasso Signature Collection line that you launched at Restir?

The concept is simple, to mix fine art and fine fabric. I wanted a good way to share my artwork through quality clothing.

―What do you feel is the difference between art and fashion?

eople make art work that is fashionable, and people create fashion that is artistic. The spirit of creativity is genuine in all things.
Here in Japan there is not so much knowledge of art, and more people are concerned with fashion. So using fashion, it is a way to share my art works and information about creativity with people that might not go to art galleries or follow contemporary art.

―What kind of projects or art do you want to do in the future?

I would like to make children. That would be my most amazing artwork I am looking forward to. Besides that I would like to design train stations and public parks.

―Where do you find your inspiration?

These last few years my inspiration comes a lot from being in my studio in Tokyo, so my works have a lot of Japanese points about them. In general I am inspired everyday by looking at something I did before. I love the idea of creating beauty, making the world beautiful.

―Why do you chose to use the net as the platform to display your new works?

I use the net to organize my works for myself, there are many people on the net so they can all see too.

―What would you say is your personal style?


―Depending on the medium (photography/Painting) does your concept and approach to artistic expression change?

No, it dosent change. It is all the same energy being transferred in to different mediums. Like an athlete who is good at every sport, or a musician who can play all instruments, I feel like creating things is what I was born to do.

―When do you create? What kind of situations do you chose to create your work in?

I work on things everyday and night for more than half of my life. I usually like to work alone through the night until the sun comes up. I listen to music when I edit photos but never when I am painting. I usually listen to radio talk shows when I paint so I can keep a distance from my work and not get too in to the technique.

―Is there any artist or designer who has been especially influential for you?

I am so busy looking through my old works or making new ones that I havent had many chances to check the works of other artists. As I said I am most influenced by my older works that I love. It drives me to make progress in more things beautiful.

―Is there a difference between what you see in reality and what you capture on film?

No, the world is just as beautiful in my eyes as in my camera. I am lucky.

―As an artist why have you decided to use so many different mediums for expressing and not focus on one?

Just as a great book is translated in to many languages, my vision is translated through many mediums.

―What is your impression of your past works/projects?

I am really proud of what I have done and am excited to keep going. I really love what I do, so it is my passion and addiction.

―What is your interest in and influence from street culture?

I was raised in 5 star hotels most of my life, so I know dont know so much about street culture

―You have collaborated with may artist and brands. What does collaboration mean to you?

Like 2 chopsticks are better than one.

―What is the most important thing to you about about your creation and what you do?

The most important thing about my creations are “Done with Fun!” That is my original philosophy. I enjoy what I do, and it makes me happy, so naturally other people will share those feelings.I am not scared to try new things, or to make mistakes, or to keep learning.

―What do you think about Japanese fashion and street culture?

People are beautiful in Japan. Everybody is conscious of their appearance and behavior. So it is a pleasant environment to escape the chaos that I am used to with other cities.

―You have traveled the world and seen many different places. Is there any place that stick out in your mind and why?

Tokyo ! for sure. There is no place on the planet that is like Japan. I can not speak japanese or understand much so I enjoy not knowing anything when I am here. I feel it is a safe place to stay and be in private on the other side of the world. I can get much work done here because of this isolation.

―What are your plans for the future?

Just keep climbing up! and keep creating beauty!

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Interview & Text:Masaki Takida Translation:Sayoko Tomizawa

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