Charlie Le Mindu (En)

-Tell us about yourself, what do you do?

Ok I start doing hair when i was 13 in a grandmother hairsalon in castelnau de medoc, chez el plouc.!
I think I loved so much doing old woman hair but I needed a change so I decided to move from grandma to Berlin punks, but I think punk thought I was weird as I was putting in there hair rollers ! Then I move to London to have more fun and do bigger hair!!!

-Tell us about the pop-up salon, why did you decide to open this pop-up salon at Machine-A? Back to your roots?

well I use to do pop up salon in clubs in Berlin which is fun but sometimes it was bit dark LOL , and people were not that clear when I was cutting their hair! it was just great to dance after with a lot of people with massive hair.!
then I decided in London to do it in machine a as I think it s fun store and I love the people working there.!

-Then actually how do you feel now after you did the pop-up salon? What were your impressions for it?

Its great I feel that I really hate boring people and jut want to do cool hair !!! I don’t mean crazy but sexy !!! and some hairs are so fuckin boring !! I think some people need to step up as we are in 2010.

-Tell us about your hair styling and fashion label, what is your philosophy, concept or belief of your hair styling and fashion label?

I think my hairstyling and fashion label is completely different , I explain myself more threw my fashion label as I got crazy or very big and fun sometimes, but on my client I m more into sexy stuff and love to make people beautiful and unique!

-Then what does ‘hair’ mean to you?

Hair is my god

-Tell us about your favorites, what is your favorite fashion label, music and film?

music I love Kap bambino and punk music , films I love different stuff but not so much anymore in porn’s as I can on lie watch them for 5 min , my fav label is Jean Paul Gaultier

-Then who are the people you really respect?

Anna Trevelayn and Jean Paul Gaultier

-Tell us about London, what do you think about the current fashion and hairdressing scene in London? exciting?

not exiting people need to relax a bit and think life is not a catwalk , fashion is fun only outside London where people don’t care how they look.

-Tell us about Japan, have you ever been to Japan? What do you think about the fashion and hairdressing scene in Japan? Are you interested in it?

I don’t know but I m still waiting to get something there to go as I love japonese boy! haah , and love japonese people!

-Tell us about some of your upcoming news and vision for the future.

I m working lots for Disney at the moment and some stuff with jean Charles de castelbajac !!!!!!!and maybe a Charlie Le Mindu boutique soon!

Interview:Yasuyuki Asano

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