Toon Geboers


My collection is very much inspired by The Addams Family, the dark, ironic yet humoristic movie from 1991 with Christina Ricci and Angelica Huston.
The pieces are inspired by the Addams characters and the whole atmosphere of the movie.
I really got intrigued by the long silhouettes from Morticia Addams especially the stripes…
In addition to the subject I worked closely with a textile museum from Tilburg, Holland. They are specialized in a technique called ‘tufting’ which basically is a technique used to create long hairy rugs in wool.
However, my favorite material to work with is actually tulle, so I incorporated that instead of the wool. Small elements from carpets, rags and worn out elements are blended in little details in the jackets and skirts.
Where tufting with wool is ancient technique, tufting with tulle is new one. 1 cm cut-outcloths were hand-rolled and implicated in the design.
I kept the patterns of the skirts modest. By combining classic and contemporary patterns this resulted in the skirts having a more modern character.
Of course I had to implicate some humour, which can be find nicely hidden in the tulle with graphic prints from carnivore plants and dinosaur heads.

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