Johan Akesson

“To Her”

Everything is temporary.
What caught my attention and became my base of this collection is the world’s collapse, which was clear with the world economic crises. The world we live in is standing on very thin pillars.The thought has brought me to the fact that all we are left with is love. But also this is temporary in many cases. The inspi- ration came through a book by Allan de Botton. “the study of love” Which describes a relationship from beginning to end. The idea is that the relationship in- spires the colour, the colour inspire the shape and the shape is describing the colour’s temperature. The only people that live in extreme heat and cold are the turegs, in the dessert. They are also nomads and so their habitat is also temporary. They carry everything with them, therefore the backpacks with plants; which also are temporary.

Photo : Erika Rodin

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