Matthieu Thouvenot

“Death in a Pink Cloak”

I believe any inspiration or idea you have is already there, within your mind. Research is there to refresh this unconscious knowledge.
For this collection, I made my first research on the Baroque costume, fabrics, art, ornaments, colors. I’m passionate about this time in history, the extreme elegance it reflects, the unique mix of lights and darkness.
As my previous collection was pretty dark in colors, I was really willing to go for a very light palette this year.I also developed several brocade fabrics, designed after my own sketches. Working on total looks of pastel colors was a delightful experience. I always love a bit of darkness though, and decided to inject black though the collection. In hints in the first styles until it totally invades the last ones.
As I started designing I realized my styles were pretty formals, also I decided to go further in this direction. Getting inspired by queens attires as much as 50’s or 60’s couture, I was looking for a strong and sharp silhouette.
Accessories were inspired by religious art and symbolism. Crowns were made by hand in embossed aluminium, keys, knifes and daggers used as necklaces were made in lead.

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