Thorbjorn Uldam

“We met in the wind”

The inspiration for my collection was a story about a boy and a horse living in a small house in a distant environment, isolated from civilization in the middle of a snowstorm, movement. The order of the stars has changed. The cold and hectic environment set out a story of survival, where these two together are the only players. But life is no hazzle, survival involves no struggle, its comfortable and joyful and a question of the ability to adjust to a new order. They have each other and this constitute the life for them. They choose to live with their surrounding and be a part of it, and the warmth they feel makes time stand still, hot clash with cold, summer with winter, the sun with the snow but nothing has changed. Their survival becomes a natural part of their life. They weave clothes of straw to wear, wear branches of ice, eat frozen berries. Ice cant melt, skin cant burn. Their bodies freeze, but the feeling is the same.
I wanted to express a a clash of warm and cold, stiffness against softness, warm against cold. I wanted to have a naive yet mature and masculine approach. I chose to work a lot with knitwear since I have always been interested in the possibility of creating a comfortable piece of clothing from one single thread. There is an endless possibility of textures in the material and it continues to fascinate me, this I wanted to continue to explore in this collection. I used thick leather for belt to create hard constructions and belts to underline roughness and masculinity. I made prints of wild flowers and ice dripping check and cracked ice to underline the contrast of hot and cold in the wilderness in a boyish yet wild context.I knitted angora and wool and washed it so it became wild, yes soft and comfortable.All mix together and create my version of fashion with its starting point in my imaginary story.

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