Originally from Colombia,South America,lived in Antwerp for 9 years after finishing a MA in Sculpture. She has been living between Antwerp, Brussels, London and Bogota. Worked as a set designer with many fashion photographers and helped at least half of the fashion students in Antwerp with their collections.Lucy is also a regular contributor in Dazed Digital ,Hint magazine,Soho, and other publications.


They are the hottest art collective from Argentina and their name means snobby girl in Argentinean slang. It is also the diminutive of the name “Conccetta” that means to conceive, the one who drinks in company, Not bad for a collective of one of the countries with one of the best reputations for wine and meat, no wonder why their NY exhibition was name Choricity ( city of sausages ),YUMS !!!!!

What’s your name?
Alina Perkins, Natalia Cristofano, Laura Hita, Victoria Colmegna

Where is your name coming from?
Alina : It comes from everything that compounds a conceptions and also in my country slang means “ Fancy girl with expensive and frivolous taste”
Laura : Our name comes from the depths of conception, is the name of a girl that is related to the creation and engendering. It comes from the girl power, from Italy and from Argentina.

What’s the concept behind your work?
Alina: The concept evolves the creative process, the energy of working together at the same time and also its about creating a scenario where our fantasies occur, and letting people in to be part of it or to make other things happen..
Natalia: the most important thing is the experience
Laura: the experience of creating totemic and painted worlds. Doors to new dimensions. We travel trough this worlds combining our creating energy.
Victoria: The concept behind our work has to do with the field of energy that generates around our totemic sculpture installations. We create a scene were certain things may happen.

You had an exhibition in NY last year, tell us more about it ?
Alina : The exhibition was called CHORICITY wich means Sausage land…Our country is very famous for the meat and the chorizo, that is a sausage but chorizo also means other things and shapes…A conchetina eating a chorizo is a very provocative image..
Natalia : a city of totems in the heart of Brooklyn and a special nave that landed on a silver roof top, where we celebrated a marriage with a pink sky.
Laura:Totemic buildings installed throughout the gallery built with different materials, each consisting of selected objects that we discovered during our trip to NY and some others brought from Argentina in our pockets

What’s so hot about Buenos Aires?
Alina:It´s a big mysterious city , full of contradictions and unpredictable adventures. I find hot, a walk through the park until I only see the river , the horizon and the sky .. Natalia : great parties, good vibrations
Laura : tha hottness about BA is the City, cumbia, chory, rio, summer sun and night. Victoria: Hot about Buenos aires is the Arraval, the Silver River and the Port were everyone arrived and boys danced with boys and fought for their women. Cumbia, choripan, la costanera.

Where you seek for inspiration
Alina : Inspirations is floating everywhere
Natalia: in heaven and in hell
Laura : In the skies, streets, music, animals and goddesses.
Victoria : We seek for inspiration inside our selves

You are also involve with fashion, tell us more
Alina: We make the costumes for our openings and performances, also we collaborated for some brands in Buenos Aires with designs and installations for their windows. A lot of our references come from the fashion world. On our last show called “JEWELCITY” we made a series of paintings that are a directly related to fashion… Victoria : We love models and we use them for archetypes in our painting, we also love to design our costumes for our openings or for our photo shoots, we consider costume as a fundamental part in our work – ritual.

What are your plans in the future
Alina : We want to record a single and we are looking for a manager, We have a solo show of paintings in Buenos Aires, we want to do a road trip …
Natalia : To record a cd.
Laura : We are planning a show in LA.
Victoria: Our plans in the future are to make an Art Tour in the US, and take out a single.

Which is your favorite piece of cloth
Alina : An antique long black velvet cape that allows me to get lost in the darkness.
Natalia : a dress with a galaxy picture and lots of stars
Laura : flashy flashing flying shoes.
Victoria : My favorite piece of cloth is a psychedelic hand painted silk robe that I don’t know were it is.

tell us 5 things that make u happy
Alina : romance, the sea , parties where everyone dances, animals surrounded by nature, good taste, piano playing.
Natalia : Sun, beautiful paintings, breakfast, strangers smiles, music
Laura : Colors, field , sun/rain, trees, music.
Victoria : Mountains, lions, air, freedom, happiness

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