Originally from Colombia,South America,lived in Antwerp for 9 years after finishing a MA in Sculpture. She has been living between Antwerp, Brussels, London and Bogota. Worked as a set designer with many fashion photographers and helped at least half of the fashion students in Antwerp with their collections.Lucy is also a regular contributor in Dazed Digital ,Hint magazine,Soho, and other publications.


I decided to interview my long distance friend Filep Motwary ,because i think he is someone that i could really changes fashion.Not only designing but also writing in his blog and many others,inspiring others to fall in love with all the things that fashion can give. His blog has attracted the brightes minds in the business and  i honestly get always lost there,so many things to read ,so many nice photos to see.I cannot wait to see him and have cakes and cookies in a nice little caffee in Paris!

-How you became interested in fashion.Well as a young boy I was impressed by this flawless beauty universe so I guess I wanted to be part of it.

Of course now that I’m involved in the business, what I thought about fashion back then has nothing to do with the reality of it. On the way I discovered other aspects linked with fashion, apart from designing clothes and this made me even more passionate. It’s a very interesting business, Fashion, involving creativity, relationships, business, communication, psychology, anatomy, history, mathematics, emotions…Why choose another job? My story is cliché:  a boy out of nowhere with a seamstress mother etc…

-Your label is in collaboration with Maria MastorI , how you guys meet?We met while I was working for a Couture designer in Greece for whom Maria was in charge of the jewellery collection. I left for Paris where I stayed sometime working and when I got back things moved towards a direction that made us become a creative duo under the label Mastori*Motwary Studio.

-How you describe your style?I never know how to answer this question. I think it’s the most difficult question ever. How would you describe my style? I can describe Maria’s if you want..! (laughs)

-Tell us about your blog?Un nouveau iDEAL was launched six years ago. It was a time when blogging was not as popular and people would mistake the word blog with block ..So every time I would ask someone to pose or say something for the blog the response was “Block, what block ,what do you mean…?”. Imaging how funny that was.

My page’s aim is to inform especially young people and also give them a real motive and maybe a good reason “to go for it” if they dream a career in fashion. Apart from some blogs and webpages listed on my blogroll, the visitor can also find a list of fashion schools, information  about fashion studies and many other ways to make their decision easier. Also a list of around 100 conversations I had with pioneers like Dries Van Noten, Christian Lacroix, Rick Owens, Maison Martin Margiela etc..

I’am trying to give my reader the things I would want to find and read while web-browsing. The true ideal would be if a big publishing house would offer me the chance to put those wonderful conversations altogether in a book. Enough with street fashion books. Lets give out something for people to read and learn.

-Who are your favorite designers?I love Rick Owens and Maison Martin Margiela. I admire John Galliano and Alaia. I envy Comme Des Garcons though I can only wear their T-Shirts. There is something so special about what Rei, Junya and TAO do, don’t you think?

-With whom you will like to collaborate?If I had the chance to move to Paris for the second time, I would probably want to work for John Galliano again, whom I was an intern for…

-Which are your plans for the future?For now I am working on my SS11 collection with Maria as well as 3 Couture pieces.Also a new film concept, directed by Griffin of PRESENT FUTURE FILMS , who is behind a variety of masterpieces including VOX HUMANA of RODARTE.

-What do you think about the new wave of Japanese designers?The Japanese were, are and will be the most avant-garde creative humans.I don’t see a new wave. I see only a wave that belongs to them. The rest of us are just following.

What inspires you at the moment?Seeing my cousins and friends getting married one after the other…

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