Originally from Colombia,South America,lived in Antwerp for 9 years after finishing a MA in Sculpture. She has been living between Antwerp, Brussels, London and Bogota. Worked as a set designer with many fashion photographers and helped at least half of the fashion students in Antwerp with their collections.Lucy is also a regular contributor in Dazed Digital ,Hint magazine,Soho, and other publications.

L_A_N magazine

L_A_N: The Fashionable Futurist, is a fanzine for all things stylish, futuristic and geeky.

It aims to bring together a wealth of imagery, technology, silhouettes and new environments from around the globe to eager print geeks, image junkies, and those who like reading The Fortean Times, watching X Files and spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet- and in alternate realities.

The small team of editors, writers and contributors are hoping to raise $10,000 to print and internationally distribute our official launch issue, L_A_N 2. Worked hard for several months to create this inspiring product and have found that just ‘doing a digital version’ of the magazine will not do the beauty of the content justice, as it is intended to be printed in full color and portrait A3 (that’s 297×420 mm). As Dazed and Confused describes it, L_A_N “opens up to exactly the size of a deluxe Mac screen.”

Our second issue’s theme is – “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” – Plutarch

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Help L_A_N to raise enough money to print the second issue,Veronica is also one third of the hacker punk band TEETH.and you can have them playing at your party or a life subscription to the magazine for a small amount of money ,you never know maybe the magazine gets so big that you wish u have helped them with some money some years ago,think in the future ,think in L_A_N .

Pledge $15 or more Digital copies of issue 1 & 2 and an exclusive L_A_N mixtape by Nigel Lee-Yang of HTRK

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VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN digital vol 1 preview !
moving photographs with sound soon on apple store .The best way to use your new Ipad is to download this  Dior special,is beyond FIRE. 
Styling Nicola Formichetti
Photography : Pierre Debusschere
more soon !!!!

LOVE at first sight

This is love at first sight,meet Diana and Juan Carlos,cutest ans sweetest couple i ever meet,and my source of inspiration and future models.Im planing a shoot with them !!! So exited ,they are so cool ,i want to make a crazy set !


Heads Up for Stephen Jones in Antwerp,The new retrospective exhibition in one of the world’s only fashion museums focuses on the British milliner’s influential hats.

The exhibition will run from 8 September 2010 until 13 February 2011, at the MoMu–Fashion Museum in Antwerp


we are happy to invite you to the presentation of the Marc Philippe Coudeyre spring/summer 2011 collection at:
Off London 17/09/2010 – 20/09/2010 Victoria House Bloomsbury WC1 LONDON
Off Paris 29/09/2010 – 05/10/2010 Galerie Cadain 76 rue Quincampoix 75003 PARIS
more info on
the autumn/winter 2010/11 collection is now available at
Renaissance Nationalestraat 32 2000 ANTWERP
Dolce&Gabbana SPIGA2 Via della Spiga 2 20121 MILANO
more info on
Marc Philippe has been a friend of mine since years,he lived in Bogota and probably speaks better spanish than I do !!! that’s why i am also very happy about his new collection,if u are in Paris or London ,dont miss the dates!!!


“Louis Cartier’s creative partner was nicknamed “”The panther”". The feline motif is a tribute to devastating seduction, mysterious beauty and untamed character.”

And this brings me to something i always said,every woman should have not four pets in her life but five. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, a panthere ring and a jackass who pays for everything.

Joshua Datu

I interview him for dazed digital.Read more at :


We never know what we have till we lose it…. For many of you in Japan that studied or that visited your friends in ANTWERP,might remember the Club call Cafe Capital at the city park. Last night “aparently” a freak set fire an burned the club down.Police found traces of gasoline in the area…I just read….

How many of you remember the last Fanklub parties there or Blast your Ghetto?

How many of you have your photo take there?

How many of you only when out to party when Erwin and Pascal where playing?

How many of you have happy memories from partying there?

I really feel sad…………… My last photo there back in January.

photos by ,blast your ghetto,and my friends mobile uploads in facebook


I never been a sunny person ,i always like more winter and cold
Always hiding from the sun,never wanted to be tan.
I realize,i have certain passion for grey skies and rain.
the cities i like most,the places where i have lived…..
Where i will move next?


I interview Heaven tanudiredja for Hint Magazine,read more at :


Since i was a small child i been collecting images,in my times and i am not that old we didnt have such thing as the internet,so i cut all the pages from magazines with images i like,made collages or just keep all those cut outs in folrders,i still have all this pages in boxes at my parents place and i keep them as a treasure.Now with technology and internet i have lots of lots of archives in my computer with more and more images,i will love to print them all and have a wall with all my child cut outs and a wall with all my digital prints! The other day i discover a new website,made by some freak like me,with similar art taste,i got this images from there….And u know what i dont want to share the site ,hahahaha


LSCFJ you might think like WTF is that ??? Well my dear Japanese friends that means LIKE SOME CAT FROM JAPAN. And they are like the hotest dj’s in the hood,hailing from Chili and Bogota,based in Colombia ,they are playing for the likes of Vive la Fete and Crystal Castels,one of them is also one of the most amazing fashion photographers around,and i was you i will come and party in Bogota,i mean hello we are in the same Pacific Ocean !!!!

Listen here !!!