Originally from Colombia,South America,lived in Antwerp for 9 years after finishing a MA in Sculpture. She has been living between Antwerp, Brussels, London and Bogota. Worked as a set designer with many fashion photographers and helped at least half of the fashion students in Antwerp with their collections.Lucy is also a regular contributor in Dazed Digital ,Hint magazine,Soho, and other publications.

Tiffany Tang

After studing in at the Antwerp Academy for few years,Tiffany moved to London to focus in menswear,first at Central Saint Martins and then at the Royal College of Arts,where she finally presented her collection at the MA   fashion show.

concept: The collection is mainly inspired by J.G. Ballard’s novel ‘Crash’.
The book explores themes such as the transformation of human
psychology by modern technology. The gruesome damage inflicted on
car-crash victims is not seen as shocking, but as the liberation of
new sexual possibilities. The book asks why we, as an enlightened
society, accept such a ‘perverse technology’ – that kills a vast
number of people yearly- as such an integral part of our culture. The
image of burning metal and flesh portrayed in the novel is both
disturbing and beautiful for me, and I want to introduce this essence
to the collection.

Fabric: I have collaborated with RCA MA textiles student
Lynn Tandler.  Fabrics are specially designed and woven for the
collection. They are woven with different metal yarn (e.g. Tin Copper,
Silver etc) with silk, cotton, and wool. Therefore, most of the
fabrics have both the shine of metal and the softness of fabric. Apart
from self-woven metal fabric, i also used variety of leathers and

Why menswear: Somehow I like the idea that I have power over men, at least
clothing-wise. Maybe this is my complex towards the male-dominated

plans for future: I am planning to read a lot and go scuba-diving in
the Mediterranean during this summer. then look for a job!

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