Originally from Colombia,South America,lived in Antwerp for 9 years after finishing a MA in Sculpture. She has been living between Antwerp, Brussels, London and Bogota. Worked as a set designer with many fashion photographers and helped at least half of the fashion students in Antwerp with their collections.Lucy is also a regular contributor in Dazed Digital ,Hint magazine,Soho, and other publications.

LA CAMBRE 1 – Lea Peckre

La Cambre in Brussels – Belgium doesnt make as much noise as the Antwerp Academy ,but in the past years some younger designers are giving the school a new prespective,Lea is one of them after being an intern at Jean Paul Gaultier she came back to finish her studies and amaze us once again with her beyond beautiful collection!

whats the concept behid the collection

I was  inspirered by cemetaries , not macabre, no religious place but rather its environment, its chaos and it ‘ s outdated look  that sometimes seem lost in the midst of megalopolises…

Therefore, cemetery elements such as graves ( stones & monuments), woods, surrounding trees, creeping vegetation  and wrought iron drawing contrasts in the landscape.

Also, handling light has become an obsession for me… thinking back at the light of a cemetery, it’ s reminds the light of a Caravaggio masterpiece.

 wich fabrics u use

 These are thick fabrics, mated woollen, flesh split velvet, woven with a structure close to wood, in earth range of colours, from brown to white, and deep dark black to vert-de-gris and charcoal grey.

Leading to the wood, I designed my own sequins in printed forms of 7 differents wood species, reminding how platelets would be for intarsia.

 what plans u have in the future

 I am looking  for  work  in a «  maison de couture « .

 wich is your favorite designer

Lot of respect for the work of Olivier theyskens and Muccia Prada !!!!!  

contact Lea at +32 4 93 16 19 45  Belgium   +33 6 67 69 35 27 France

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