Lui Nemeth
東京出身、ロンドンに在住。アートをCentral Saint Martins で学び、3年間STREET MAGAZINEのPHOTOGRAPHERとして活躍。卒業後 セレクトショップ/ギャラリー Primitive London をオープン。

Andrew Green
オーストラリア出身のアクセサリーデザイナー。2007年、Torso Corso というアクセサリーレーブルを立ち上げ、Candy や ilil などにストックされる。日本に1年半ほど住んだ後、現在ロンドンに移動し、2011年 セレクトショップ /ギャラリーPrimitive London をオープン。

Billa Baldwin (En)

I never look at or buy any fashion magazines as they might distract my vision.

—Tell us about you(littel introduction of yourself by telling us where you are from, where you are based in and what your background is)

Well I’m originally from Wales but have been living in London now for 11 years. I moved to Shoreditch in 2000 and have loved the area ever since.

—Tell us about how you became photographer. (Did you go to school to study photography?/ Did you do lots of studio work assisting?/Who or what got you started in party photography?)

Before all this I used to play around with my dads camera from about the age of 12 using filters and double exposures to make a nice place for my farm animals to live in.
I became a proper photographer after I realised I would be a terrible fashion designer I can’t draw at all so being influenced by all the fashion magazines I used to read at the time (I’d spend at least 12hours a week in my local WH Smiths browsing) started doing photography on a more serious level taking on a GCSE photography course as a sideline to my then bilology and physics A levels. It wasn’t long before I knew taking photos would be my thing and gave up the A levels to concentrate on my photography course going on to BTEC and then HND (HND is like a degree but not done in uni).

I’ve assisted a few times but never really found the experience got me any jobs or provided any insight to the areas that I work in now, I kinda became “famous” late in my photographer life but now I never look at or buy any fashion magazines as they might distract my vision.

I got started in party photography when I first moved to Shoreditch back in 2000 I was then using film and compact cameras covering my girlfriends band 10 min with my dad and previously gobsusage and club night cosey, the main change was when I got my own digital compact and started uploading to flickr ( on the advice of my mate chad an art director, it’s gone nuts since then over 2million views, complaints from admin on flickr on the boob shots but I don’t really do those any more.
It was doing the party photos that got me together with Super Super magazine, then editor saw I was doing all these photos in clubs and asked can we do a section on your stuff in the mag I was like yeah of course and from there it’s gone onto music features and fashion I’ve just done my fourth front cover now and multi page fashion spread.

—How would you describe your photographic style? How it has developed over the years?

I’m very quick nearly every model has said that in the last 8 years, in the past I took ages with my ex girlfriend setting up test shots the agro /anger from her taught me quicker is better.

—In the past years who have been the most influential person in helping you discover your photography style?

No person just booze n drugs

—What type of cameras do you shoot with? And lighting?

I shoot using mainly a Sony semi pro compact digital camera and use a wireless off camera Nikon flash but for magazine work I sometimes use my Nikon d200 but I prefer the quality of Sony for most things.

—What are you currently shooting with and what do you hope to be shooting with future(what is the project you are working on now and what is your future project lined up?)

Super Super magazine all the way I’ve just done my fourth cover for them and 8 page shoot for the last issue we work really well together Steve is an amazing art director Namalee is one of the best stylists I’ve worked with, it’s no effort really.
I’m still doing backstage with British fashion council it’s always great to see your work blown up to 20ft plus outside the main venue for LFW.

—What is one impression you hope the viewer takes away from your photographs?

Haha indeed well from the club ones I hope it’s just the viewer thinking that was a party I should have been at.

—Tell us about the story of your favourite shot and worst shot.

Well my favourite and best shoot so far was for Super Super at punk club in soho ,I was given the brief as in model with band Namalee styling I just do my stuff, I turned up an hour late pissed Steve(the editor) I was like we ok to go? yeah yeah I said stumbling over the chairs Mimmi came out of the dressing room and it was just yeah bang bang bang photo wise they were so good one went on the cover and it was an 8 page spread inside.
The worst is when I don’t make the most of a situation and worst shot is probably my friends wedding photo, so boring duh.

—Do you have any inspiring photographer your really admire?

Nick Knight/ Guy Bourdin strangely two very precise controlling photographers but it was a shoot in i-d magazine Nick Knight did back in the 80’s that was my turning point to the camera and Guy Bourdin is well come on just look……….oh and Helmut Newton.

—Five things you currently love most

five pfffffffff Ok
1 I just found the film on dvd I saw whilst drunk in the Scala cinema Kings Cross 10 years ago “der fan” aka trance.
2 I got the soundtrack to the above film from America.
3 My Maison Martin Margiella bracelet, it took a lot of googling to find it and cost for me a fucking lot.
4 My iphone is good for business deals and all that JAZZ.
5 I’ve been wearing these Dr. Martin boots for about 6 months and they still look fucking new but I do love them.

—What is your favourites party currently on? Is there any place you recommend us to go in LONDON?

Go home it’s rubbish or go to Berlin oooops hang on nuke em all is good it’s in Hackney
see some strippers in ye olde axe as well best in London xxxx

HP –

Interview/masumi saito, Text/Masaki Takida

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