Lui Nemeth
東京出身、ロンドンに在住。アートをCentral Saint Martins で学び、3年間STREET MAGAZINEのPHOTOGRAPHERとして活躍。卒業後 セレクトショップ/ギャラリー Primitive London をオープン。

Andrew Green
オーストラリア出身のアクセサリーデザイナー。2007年、Torso Corso というアクセサリーレーブルを立ち上げ、Candy や ilil などにストックされる。日本に1年半ほど住んだ後、現在ロンドンに移動し、2011年 セレクトショップ /ギャラリーPrimitive London をオープン。


PRIMITIVE XENOGLOSSY presents ‘Steve Summers & Innergaze’ (100% Silk/Cititrax)


来週の金曜日にパーティーをやるので 来て下さい〜

3つのライブアクト +DJS

Presenting Uk debut live showcases from:

Innergaze (100% silk, Cititrax)

Innergaze drag us slightly further back into the glorious cradle of dance music. Their music, crushed and static, obscured by sound. EBM, coldwave, early techno fight it out for dominance of the drum machine. Casually brutal vocals force their way through from the Death Factory. As if Chris & Cosey’s dalliances with the Eurythmics had conjured a restless pioneering demon to duet with Annie Lenox but had instead ended up consuming her. Celestial synths coexisting with the industrial landscape bellow.


Steve Summers (L.I.E.S, Confused House)

Brooklyn’s Jason Letkiewicz is a traditionalist. Encountered out of context, virtually any of his projects could be mistaken for decades-old tracks left moldering on basement tapes. As Alan Hurst, he records droning coldwave; his Rhythm Based Lovers makes twinkling electronic funk with a New York-via-Miami pedigree; as Steve Summers, he dedicates himself to analog house tracks rooted in Chicago and New York/New Jersey. “In the Mode for Love,” despite the title, is an ominous, nail-bitten jam that takes after Bam Bam’s “Where’s Your Child.” It’s lo-fi as fuck, caked in grit and greasy flangers, and with a down-pitched growl that chills to the bone.



RnB concrete / Choral , Fai Sai ,Lay Low Riddims ,2066 night truths ,Fyre Gyal, Beat of Angel (BoA) , part of the NXB brotherhood.

With DJ support playing a diversity of Post punk, Leather Bar, Industrial, Acid, Beat, Body and Wave musics and all things noir tinged!!!

Bill Kouligas (PAN)
Horrors DJ (Coffin Joe and Tom Furse)
Pandoras Jukebox
Chris Flatline

Expect the atmosphere to be brimming with erotically charged audio.
A night of raw allure and sensory liberation!!!
Escape the shackles of your lifestyle……

Entry £7
PRESALE TIX £5 (limited to 150 – get them quick)


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