Born in Germany in 1979, Daniel Sannwald is emerging as one of the true original voices in contemporary photography. In a landscape dominated by referential and repetitive imagery, Daniel is establishing a strong and recognizable signature that is already catching the attention of some of the most influential trendsetters in the fashion and photography industries. His surrealistic and hauntingly beautiful images speak of a world were Fashion and Art meet to reveal a unique narrative.
Daniel studied at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and is now based in London.
Daniel contributes to numerous magazines. Amongst them: Dazed & Confused, i-D, Vogue Hommes Japan, V magazine and Qvest. His work has been honoured with a nomination by the Photomuseum Winterhur in Switzerland, and a Lead Award nomination in Germany. He has photographed projects for Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, Replay, Wrangler and Shiseido.

Color Bomb – V Magazine Spain

Model: Morgane Warnier
Stylist: Anna Trevelyan
Hair: Tina Outen @ Streeters
Make up: Shinobu @ CLM
Set : Andrea Cellerino @ Magnet


Anna Trevelyan and me at our V spain set
our story is coming out this week

i was calling mexico to spk with my best mate enrique
hola.! I miss you boy!

7 Up for rose

I really love you Rose – I think you are the most inspiring person i have ever met.

today when you looked at the greasy chips we had for lunch and you said: oh how wonderful they make them these days.

i wanted to kiss you.


one two three – happy day!

friends like j

you better run…

The Absence of Anything /Antwerp

I am very happy to do the edit and all the post work of my video “the absence of anything” in antwerp.

its nice to come back esp with this project!

it makes sense …
you will understand once the video is ready!

gabriel s

where are u?

new website

i am so happy to announce that my new website is online :-)

last days …

before my website will go online. so exciting! its going to be mega.

or how snoop would say

lizzle dizzle bizzle my wizzle wizzle go onlizzle so excizzle its goizzle to bizzle mizzleM

The Absence of Anything (post)

back in london! and now working on the post production and edit of my upcoming short film “The Absence of Anything”

very excited to show u all :-)
the journey of two boys outside of time and space to find eternity
what they will learn and find on that journey you will see in august 2012!

goodbye vienna!