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PARIS TRIP (Last March)

The Paris trip, With my lovely friend ICHIGO!Again! She was buying trip for her shop, Jei was selling trip for fleamadonna. :( haha 

Yeah, It was our booth at Dressing, Rendez-vous, femme. Thanks for all the kind, Iwaki san & Yokohama san!!!

Yoon Jeong Sis from london!!!! She is real Good friend and sis to Jei… Actually she is married last year (You can see her wedding in my last posted) and moved to London with her husband, But She just came Paris for support to Jei, that time!!!!!

Seah sis(she living in Paris, Working for Celine :) )  recommend to us good Cheese shop near by our hotel. We drank 1 bottle of wine…haha And afterday I did work… *_*

I’m so happy to meet Ayaka (PR01) in Paris!!! We had a dinner with some drinks! :) And With MATSUIsan (Chief of PR01) Thanks always!!

Finally, We went to Opening cerem ony’s party in Paris… We just drank 1bottle of vodka,,,haha Can you see that? Super funny night! Why,, Am i drink all the trip? ;;


Next post.. will my last tokyo trip, ne!


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