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This blog features posts from the various departments at the MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp who share their insights on the Museum's working, exhibitions and projects. MoMu is located in the centre of the Antwerp fashion district. Every year, the museum organises two thematic exhibitions, along with workshops, guided tours,...
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Wonderingmode in Poland

On the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition ‘Wonderingmode. Inter-relations between art/fashion/architecture’ at CoCa (Torun-Poland), artistic director Dobrila Denegri invited me to give a talk on our museum’s exhibition policy and on how MoMu translates fashion to the museum.

Curated by Denegri, “Wonderingmode is imagined as a visual journey through a variety of imaginery worlds created on the intersection of different domains of creativity and expressive languages. The work exhibited transcends any conventional definition of fashion in favour of those creative processes that have an outcome with a much wider span of elements than just a garment. In certain cases these outcomes can be defined as hybrid objects that evolve and revolve around the body, in others they can simply be visualisations, concepts and processes which spread the notion of fashion in different directions, such as art, design, architecture and all other forms that come out of the meeting between these disciplines.

More than just a specific thematic and methodological line, this project desires to reflect the state of wondering, in the sense of search, probe and open-ended movement which is necessary for any form of creativity, as well as in the sense of fascination, amazement and awe that the most daring creativity can provoke”. The exhibition features work of a.o. Hussein Chalayan, Bogomir Doringer, Naomi Filmer, Kim Hagelind, Ruth Hogben, Yuima Nakazato, Daniel Widrig, …

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