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This blog features posts from the various departments at the MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp who share their insights on the Museum's working, exhibitions and projects. MoMu is located in the centre of the Antwerp fashion district. Every year, the museum organises two thematic exhibitions, along with workshops, guided tours,...
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Power & Style meets David Bowie

For centuries, man has used clothes and other adornments to indicate status, wealth and position. These are the first lines of the back description of the new book Power & Style, a world history of politics and dress by Dominique and François Gaulme. This book is now available at the MoMu Library and explores fashion’s role in distinguishing those with authority and influence in societies throughout the ages – from the naked societies to Beau Brummel, Napoleon as well Mao and ending at the day of tomorrow.

At the other spectrum there’s the book David Bowie Is from the eponymous V&A exposition. Like the people with status in Power & Style, David Bowie’s style left an indelible stamp on the look, the style, the sound and the attitudes of his time. This book gives access to the David Bowie archive of performance costume, ephemera and original artwork by the artist, including costumes of Kensai Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen.

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