Tokyo Telephone

Tokyo Telephone

Samuel Thomas
ロンドン出身、東京に在住し、古典日本語を明治大学で勉強した。卒業後、ファッションの広告会社で働き、レベッカと英語の日本ファッションサイト『Tokyo Telephone』を設立した。現在、色々なファッションサイトや雑誌のエディターとして活躍中。

Rebecca Braund
ブライトン出身、大阪に在住し、現代日本を大学で学び、卒業後リメイクブランドを立ち上げ、ブライトン・ファッション・ウィークの委員会の一員を務めた。現在、Tokyo Telephone の女性ファッション・エディターやフォトグラファーとして働いている。

Red Mutha


People always seem to think that English people are pretty individualistic, but since our glory days of punk we have really let the standard slide.  Certainly compared to Japan there are far fewer unique fashion brands, and while quantity isn’t everything it does worry me.  Yes, there are the popular select shops to rival places like Candy in Shibuya, but where have all the small cult brands gone?  If you went to Camden about 20 years ago you would have tripped over remake brands and people popping in studs on the street, but now they have all but gone.  I think we do need to be careful in the UK, because if we don’t celebrate it we will lose it.

まだ人気のあるリメイク・ブランドの一つはred muthaです。クラブや独特のファッションの好きな人にはすごく人気です。また、本店はとても面白い雰囲気があるので、機会があったら、ぜひ行って見て下さい。

One of those remake brands that has hung on to its popularity through thick and thin is the cult brand “Red Mutha”, with its solid following among the club kids and those after something that bit different.  If you are around in the UK the flagship in Brighton is definitely one place you ought to visit as it is has a pretty cool atmosphere and you are guaranteed a warm reception.


These Playstation controller necklaces have gone down a storm in the clubs of late.


I spotted Pooh lurking in a lining.


And of all UK magazines I can really recommend you check out “SUPERSUPER”

私の愛国者っぽい「red mutha」ジャケットです。

Me in my vaguely patriotic “red mutha” leather jacket.

red mutha のホームぺージ


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