Born in Germany in 1979, Daniel Sannwald is emerging as one of the true original voices in contemporary photography. In a landscape dominated by referential and repetitive imagery, Daniel is establishing a strong and recognizable signature that is already catching the attention of some of the most influential trendsetters in the fashion and photography industries. His surrealistic and hauntingly beautiful images speak of a world were Fashion and Art meet to reveal a unique narrative.
Daniel studied at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and is now based in London.
Daniel contributes to numerous magazines. Amongst them: Dazed & Confused, i-D, Vogue Hommes Japan, V magazine and Qvest. His work has been honoured with a nomination by the Photomuseum Winterhur in Switzerland, and a Lead Award nomination in Germany. He has photographed projects for Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, Replay, Wrangler and Shiseido.

the perfect saturday

oooh! uuuufff.mmmh and uuuhhh!

Every time i am back in Munich, i try to visit with my friend Beatrix our favourite Puppet players in the attic of the theater of youth.
We love to listen to the old greek couple and we enjoy to look at how wonderful they play the puppets. Its really lovely and it makes your heart full.
I love being in a theater with a lot of children – i feel full of nice emotions and funny sounds once the show is over. I love the energy of kids and how they interact with the play.
Once i was sitting next to a small boy who always made sounds like: “OOOh!” “UUFF” “MMMH” “UHHH” and sometimes he would turn around to look at the other kids to make sure that everyone would see the same things like him.
Today i will go to the puppet theater in Islington! The “Little Angel Theater” and i will see Ronald Dahl´s “Fantastic Mr Fox”. I really like the puppets of that play and i am already really excited since a week to go and see it.
In children stories and children puppet theaters you cross a lot of wonderful and powerful sayings such as:
“Nothing is lost. . .Everything is transformed.”
“It was a very stupid thing to do, I’ll admit, but I hardly didn’t even know I was doing it.”
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”


i finally could lay out my little carpet from cyprus.

the absence of anything

today i have my first big meeting for my short film “The absence of anything”.

we will start filming in around 25 days. i am very excited.

more soon…!

L’Officiel / Special Haute Couture

Stylist: Hector Castro
Hair: Jean Luc
Make up: Lloyd Simmonds
Digital Operator: David Beech
Set Designer: Remi Blancpain
Digital Set Designer: Sophear van Froment
Stylist Assistant: Nicholas Kuttler
Models: So Young Kang

Emma Xie

Ling Ling
Producer: Houda Rima

insect detective

my new t-shirt!

right now -all around you – thousands of tiny insects are doing strange and wonderful things…
but insects can be hard to see – unless you are an INSECT DETECTIVE, thats it.!

there are more insects living in the world than all the other animals put together – that´s about 200 million insects for every single person.!

you can not always see them straight away – sometimes you have to know where to look…

its great to be an insect detective!

my friend lucia

this is my friend lucia stamati.

i met lucia in london even though
-we are from the same village in germany
-we have one friend in common. rani from austria

if you ask lucia to name one of her favourite presents…
she might tell you:
an electronic toothbrush!

she carries a little dictaphone in her pocket to record her ideas.

she is allergic to aspirin.

if you call her she will reply her phone with the most happiest – “HI!”-you ever heard.

Luckily, lucia lives just two streets away from my new house.
prefect distance for walky talkies!
i think she would be a great walky talky friend!

lucia does really nice art works, photo´s and videos such as this one:

i am happy that we became friends.
i think she is wonderful.


on rainy days like today i suggest to wear an extravagant rain-hat.!

on rainy days like today its importnat to dream about your last summer holiday for a couple of minutes every now and then

on rainy days like today its nice to meet lots of friends for tea
and even nicer if your friends give you rain presents

children books are very good rain presents

with children books you can make mouse parties at home and read them
either alone or with your friends
(dont forget that the best spot to read children books is in self-build blanket tents)

on days like today listen to this:

today and tomorrow

today i went to the university of arts and listen to the thoughts and ideas of a lot of students.
today i almost finished my book

i am very proud how this project has developed over the past 2 years
and i am looking forward to present the book “pluto and charon” at the Frankfurt Book Fair next month.
the book will have some wonderful tricks and texts and will explain the wonder thats keeping the stars apart.

one two three

1. (above) my 3 favourite paintings //
it made me happy that one of my friend said that the painting of the men with the beard looks like me

2. soft stone grey :

sometimes unlovable.
not always. and always beautiful.

except for your beard,
which you hated, and i adored.

which neither of us spoke about.
i was kept quite

by your behaviour.
you behaved as if it wasn´t there.

whereas it was, one of the facts,
like the long guard hairs on a fox.

twenty. just under the chin……

out of craig raine´s “a la recherche du temps perdu”

3. grilled persian eggplants with mint, tarragon, basil, parsley and walnut salad and 4 friends!

tuesday present

so today is wednesday but my mind is thinking about tuesday!


yesterday i got this lovely tuesday present! an artwork by the wonderful artist ana montiel. (wonderful is not just her work but also her heart and mind.!)

i cant wait to move to my new house and hang it.
i also cant wait to do more fun stuff with ana in the future!

happy smile laughters

so today is tuesday but my mind is already on wednesday!

for 3 reasons

its the opening of rene daniels
i found a wonderful small second hand poetry book shop in waterloo
and tomorrow i will buy
3 books
each in a wonderful colour
soft stone grey
washed out french lavender
light peppermint green
eggplant day!
because eating all kind of eggplant dishes in a day makes me happy
and when you say “qie zi”(eggplant in Chinese) you seem to smile.