Born in Germany in 1979, Daniel Sannwald is emerging as one of the true original voices in contemporary photography. In a landscape dominated by referential and repetitive imagery, Daniel is establishing a strong and recognizable signature that is already catching the attention of some of the most influential trendsetters in the fashion and photography industries. His surrealistic and hauntingly beautiful images speak of a world were Fashion and Art meet to reveal a unique narrative.
Daniel studied at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and is now based in London.
Daniel contributes to numerous magazines. Amongst them: Dazed & Confused, i-D, Vogue Hommes Japan, V magazine and Qvest. His work has been honoured with a nomination by the Photomuseum Winterhur in Switzerland, and a Lead Award nomination in Germany. He has photographed projects for Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, Replay, Wrangler and Shiseido.


my old house got sold!

since then i lived and slept in different houses and flats.

- once i slept on an inflatable under a palmtree in a living room – and it felt like being in the bahamas.
- once i slept on the floor in a table tent ( table covered by a blanket). it was a bit hard but nice and my dreams that night been very soft and gentle.
- a couple of times i slept in the air. once in first class – which was very lovely and i had a sweet stewardess who covered my at night with a blanket and wished me sweet dreams. before i felt asleep i thought about the clouds under the plane and about the book “Cloudland” by John Burningham. It was a cloudy night!
- i slept and lived in wonderful rooms and nice beds in the flats of two great artsist :
*for 25 days with Daniel Silver
*for 27 days with Stefan Brüggemann

now i am happy that i found a new place – a wonderful house!

email from friends

enrique and daniel

classic! stunning! timeless! fashion week be afraid of us.

more soon…….

- next week i will start to teach as a guest teacher in the University of Arts in London.! more soon…

Synsepalum dulcificum

one day i want to eat a
Synsepalum Dulcificum.!
( maybe together with my new friend michael who told me about the magic berry. )
when eaten, the african berry cause sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet.
This effect lasts 15–60 minutes.!

today enrique ask me to post our impossible possible dinner on my blog!

in his words:

An impossible combination. Kim chi meets soft code roes for its very first time. The asparagus soup was scandalized, and the sea weed salad as well.
Was Tofu the main dish? Maybe. Tofu has a discrete flavor so, in occasions like this, it needs mustard and soy sauce -mixed all together creating a unique color.
Delicate ingredients, formidable result. Crucible of many textures, no one clearly identified, no one good.

The dessert consisted in mini-weetabix. We fight for the last portions of semi skimmed milk or German fat free strawberry yoghurt. We’re not happy.

for dinner we played bonnie prince billy!

a little paper

since a few weeks i carry in my wallet a piece of newspaper with a printed poem by alun lewis.
a poem he dedicated to his wife gweno.

Postscript (for gweno)

If I should go away,
Beloved, do not say
‘He has forgotten me.’
For you abide,
A singing rib within my dreaming side;
You always stay.

And in the mad tormented valley
Where blood and hunger rally
And Death the wild beast is uncaught, untamed,
Our soul withstands the terror
And has its quiet honour
Among the glittering stars your voices named.


hoping you are the pink of perfection!


Friday i took a long wander with my mother and i wish she would stay longer then just 3 days with me in london…. a bit more ( or forever.!)

Friday i had a very special moment with my mum. you know this moments when you get goosebumps all over your body because something special has happend

to you

or to someone else

or two you and someone else together.

well i had such a moment with my mum last friday – magical moments dont come every day… they are rare but wonderful if they happen.

on the way to the rochelle canteen we past the cafe in which my ex-boyfriend works (normally he works on the weekends but that day he worked also friday.!)
we past (unnoticed) the cafe and saw him working behind the bar… in a silent gesture my mother took my hand (she always has so soft and warm hands) and we continued walking.

honestly i think my mother is such a wonderful woman and in moments such as friday i feel like the luckiest son ever.


today, my mum, bernhard and me went to watch the film “meshes of the afternoon” (by maya deren and alexander hamid).
you should watch it with your mum.! its nice to hear how mums feel about the film.

Head of the year

yesterday i was invited by the wonderful silvers and cederbaum´s to celebrate an lovely jewish new year with them.

do you remember the mad hatter from alice who celebrates an unbirthday party?
(an unbirthday is an event that can be celebrated on any day that is not the person’s birthday)
so yesterday i celebrated jewish new years, and oddly it felt like a real new years evening to me and then at the same time it felt a bit like a un-new years party, esp when we all hugged and kissed and wished everyone a happy new year.
but a wonderful un-new years party.!

Rosh Hashana is a very nice celebration and full of symbolic rituals.

you eat:
apples dipped in honey = for a sweet year
the head of a fish = to symbolise the head and not the tail of the year
pomegranates = for fertility
round bread = to show that life is a circle

we also had non jewish rituals that evening such as:

every guest received a card with a power animal spirit – an animal which would guide us in the next year.

i got the

blue heron,
thank you sacred water bird, for sending reflections to me, the mirrors of the quest for life, the world that live inside me.
show me how relationships work, with my path woven within the whole. the lesson of kinship with all life, reflecting my spirits eternal goal.

on my walk home – i looked down on my air max and then i had to think about the work “as long as i´m walking” by francis alys.

as long as i´m walking… i´m not choosing
as long as i´m walking… i´m not smoking
as long as i´m walking… i´m not losing
as long as i´m walking… i´m not making
as long as i´m walking… i´m not knowing


FHM collection is out tomorrow

new york, new york!