Lui Nemeth
東京出身、ロンドンに在住。アートをCentral Saint Martins で学び、3年間STREET MAGAZINEのPHOTOGRAPHERとして活躍。卒業後 セレクトショップ/ギャラリー Primitive London をオープン。

Andrew Green
オーストラリア出身のアクセサリーデザイナー。2007年、Torso Corso というアクセサリーレーブルを立ち上げ、Candy や ilil などにストックされる。日本に1年半ほど住んだ後、現在ロンドンに移動し、2011年 セレクトショップ /ギャラリーPrimitive London をオープン。

Rael Stone @ Primitive Gallery

On August 6th, we are pleased to host an exhibition of Rael Stone’s new collection and installation. It will also be the debut of Primitive’s new gallery space next door to our current store.



We all stand alone. Not out of choice, but due to the simple fact that we were all born different. Whilst many choose to group themselves together (safety in numbers) others find solace, standing on the windswept planes of destiny. Rael Stone, stands alone.

In the age where the individual means Topshop and trends cohabit the same space as art, Rael, is the hero, via a maddened Nero we’ve all been waiting for. Lost yet regal, his kingdom is the cul-de-sac, his castle the semi detached in the sprawling suburbia of his sub conscious.

This collection draws a line under his use of his roots as inspiration, and takes us into an ambitious vision of a dream we’re yet to have.
Golden statues shimmer in a haze of emerald and purple light. Marble staircases lead to nowhere, in a vision corrupted by power and sexual exploitation. A place we find arousing yet dare not admit.
Themes of antiquity and classicism can be found throughout, yet shown in a context that strips them of their hierarchy and places them within the grasp of the average man. There is no elitism in Raels works. Everything is accessible, nothing is taboo, but only if you allow.

Dip dying in and out of consciousness; ominous prints and
illustrative transfers sit tantalisingly awkwardly next to hand painted
bodies on satins and chord. The pieces themselves are merely the costumes of those who inhabit the wider world of Raels dreamlike surrealist state. There is an unsettling feeling, with every stitch that something is around the corner, that the dream is about to collapse; perhaps under the weight of its own hedonistic excess
– an unnerving nod to our present reality.

(Statement by Dan Szor)

August 6th @ Primitive Gallery.

Arch 314, Frederick Terrace. E8 4EW.

18:00-22:00 (sponsored by Kopparberg Cider)

PRIMITIVE のインタビュー @changefashion

changefashion にて PRIMITIVE のインタビューが見れるようになっています:)


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Lui x

New interview with us!

This is short blog post!

We recently did an interview with Change Fashion about our shop and the concept. It went on the website yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!

Click here for the link of the interview.

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HTRK Eat Yr Heart

For those of you who don’t know who HTRK they are Nigel Lee-Yang and Jonnine Standish. Their hometown is Melbourne and use heavily effected guitars, drum machines, vocals, synth sequencers and a tom drum. The music they make is dark, ethereal and moody. Originally they started as a trio but tragically last year their third member and bassist Sean Stewart took his own life.

Pitchfork released a track from their up-coming album yesterday. I was really looking forward to hearing their new sound with the Roland Bass Sequencer and I was not disappointed. The sound now is more electronic, dark and menacing.

Click to listen to the new track. HTRK – Eat Yr Heart

This is an older track which is also great.

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Nadir Tejani VISIBILITY SERIES @ Primitive London this Wednesday 29th of June

This upcoming Wednesday we are hosting an exhibition with one of our designers and collaborators Nadir Tejani. He will be setting up an installation within Primitive using projectors and cameras and exhibiting his Visibility Series collection that will be stocked at Primitive after the exhibition.


Developing from a quest against the invasion of physical and intellectual privacy observed in contemporary societies, Nadir Tejani’s Visibility Series disregards conventions and focuses on the design of anonymous garments.

The collection documents a series of experimentations with light beams and reflections as a deliberate answer against urban surveillance, simplifying geometric shapes that are then associated with a human body.

The products are designed sideways so that when laid flat do not resemble conventional garments; like reflected light, they bounce back at the body when worn through their cut and functional elements such as belts and drawstrings.

Nadir Tejani goes further in draining any trace of personality off the clothes by eliminating their visible features and details and working with a black, monochromatic palette, relying on the purity of oversized form to offer privacy to its wearer.

Visibility Series sums up as a consequence of its own prerogatives, presenting deliberately enormous tops and more restrained bottoms mixing wool and silk jerseys, paper silk and coated linen as an omnipresent game between weight and structure of materials.

Ultimately Nadir Tejani takes a very personal step further in his pursuit for designing clothes that can be visible, yet remain unidentifiable.

hats in collaboration with Primitive London
shoes in collaboration with ANNAsystemsbreakingdown

studio assistant: Inês Bizarro
styling: Anna Gloria Flores + Ali Carman

Arch 313 Frederick Terrace, London. E8 4DT.

Wednesday 29th June. 6 – 10 pm.


more photos … !!

kopi akasaka

ryohei kawanishi

before the show, at the back stage…


Lui です

this was the very very final BA fashion show of the students from Charing cross building !

it’s sad but i can’t wait to see the new building !

the best thing about that college when i was there was, no one really care if you make a massive whole in walls, or even you completely trash the whole floor with oil paints, paper and all that, it was fine ! so you will have more freedom.

so i guess when they move to the new place they are going to be told by tutors to keep it clean !

チャーリングクロスにある校舎に通った生徒のなかでも最後の最後の BA のファッションショー!悲しいけど、新しい校舎みるのは楽しみです

でも 私の通っていたときにほんとにこの校舎のすてきなところと思ったのは、大きな穴をかべにあけても誰もなにも言わないし、オイルペイントとか紙とかでべたべたにぐっしゃぐっしゃにしても全然大丈夫だった!そういう感じで自由があったな

だから、新しい校舎では 先生に こら!きれいにしなさい って言われちゃうんだろうな

at the show…


Thanks to everyone, it looks amazing !


@ LCF graduation show, Nadir Tejani x hats by PRIMITIVE

fantastic show!  he got in the press show, we are sooo looking forward to seeing that as well :)

Hats by Primitive

Shoes by Anna Gloria Flores (from Ava Catherside)

his collection will be in the shop soon.

We are going to stock the shoes and hats as well !!




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Songs on Repeat

I have been listening to these songs on repeat for a long time now!

Nu Shooz – I Can’t wait

This song has some really nice vocal samples and the video is kinda cool too – weird stop motion graphics and 80’s CGI.

oOoOO – No Summr4u

It uses vocals from Nocera’s Summertime which is also a nice song too.

Nocera – Summertime

Pet Shop Boys – Always on my Mind

Everyone knows this song but its just too good! The video is taken from their surrealist film called ‘It Couldn’t Happen Here’. I haven’t seen it yet but it’s definitely on my to watch list!


STRNGE @ PRIMITIVE by Michelle Blary

The other week a girl came into our shop wearing an amazing black leather bag with plastic domes all over it. I immediately wanted one. We got talking and it turned out she that she designed the bag and made more things like it.

We asked her straight away to stock her garments.

Michelle Blary is a designer from Paris living and working in London. Her label is called STRNGE and we are really excited about it and are expecting big things!

There will be  a STRNGE installation in Primitive in the coming months.


from V MAGAZINE blog

Last year, Kanye West famously paired up with artist George Condo and design duo M/M Paris to help design the album art for his worldwide smash, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Beginning Monday, May 9th, M/M and Kanye West offer the Condo paintings that make up the visual framework for his fantastical realm of twisted characters in the form of luxurious, wearable silk scarves. Adorned with decorative borders by M/M and measuring 90cm x 90cm, the 100% silk twill accessories come in five variations, limited to an edition of 100 each. Grab yours before it becomes a collector’s item at colette and For the other four scarves, read more after the jump.