designer of the brand 'mikiosakabe' 'lightning burger' ' Jenny fax'


i found them last night by accident.

this beautiful picture make me no stop to google them.

but always come out their famous friend “peas”.

i am just so curious,what’s their song like??

4 Responses to “Curiosity”

  1. yoshi より:

    the man who stand centre is look like your hasband!
    imagine if he cut his hair….!

  2. JEN-FANG より:

    ya~i see.i see.
    the costume will fit my husband well.

  3. jojo hui-hui より:

    and the one on the second left is my husband…great bass player!

  4. JEN-FANG より:

    haha. so the one on the rignt must be sanny’s bf……