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missing friend

very recommend!!

haven’t see such fast killer !! time is money!!

“lost” is very interesting but tooo long,finally i am kind of lost,don’t know what i am watching…

“24″ is nice too,but so many terror in U.S?? even more than Mcdonald’s.

hope this time gonna be good one.

actually i just saw 1st disc,already very into it…….

the main character is very similar my missing friend~anne spencer

2 Responses to “missing friend”

  1. taro より:

    like to watch it!!!
    i hope you will not gonna get lost this time…….

  2. JEN-FANG より:

    actually i want to see directly the last story,because time is money.i don’t like to wait!!
    but my husband stop this plan,he got 2nd & 3rd dsic for tonight.