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my new friend!!

9 Responses to “my new friend!!”

  1. Masaki Takida より:

    Are these your husband?

  2. taro より:


  3. yoshi より:

    30years later?

  4. aki より:

    Jen fa~~~~ng!!

  5. JEN-FANG より:

    for Takibi:finally got your comment happy!!

    T-back:welcome home

    yoshi:30 years later he will have wig,i guess

    aki:you are Kentama no aki chan??

  6. aki より:

    haha, yes i am.
    say hello to your nice twin friends for me!

  7. yoshi より:

    you love pink ね!
    pretty womanね!

  8. hotchi より:

    i wanna have same one.
    where can i buy???

  9. JEN-FANG より:

    pretty woman why not??my favorite movie when i was kid.

    Nakano fashion center!!