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so far, so good

i don’t remember how many years  stay in Japan already.

many things  happen,good or bad…….

*candles try out  before show…….

*first showroom with Heaven!!

*looks familiar!

*i start jenny fax!

*giant duffel coat fitting.

* Mr. lonly in 2121


*we went to a BBQ.

*Kitty & Doraimo.

*Sanny found free wifi in the street.

*really first time!!

*i still love this

*favorite t-shirt.

*sleepy farmer

*wig fitting.

*good happen or bad….. let’s “party” at 19th/Oct.

9 Responses to “so far, so good”

  1. taro より:

    you r genius jen fang!!!

  2. JEN-FANG より:

    see you on 19th//

  3. fukaura より:

    BBQ photo is interesting.

  4. Mode in Antwerp より:

    mr lonely is so cool!! Is he a famous fashion designer? fuck yeah!!
    Your blog is Saikou!!


  5. yy より:

    tell me your nayami.
    I will solve it!


  6. sanny より:

    mikio should wear his hair always like that!

  7. lucy より:

    mikio you look so cool ,i love it

  8. JEN-FANG より:

    to oni chan;i remember you made that BBQ party!!
    to hotchi;don’t leave reply by “F” word!!
    don’ forget “the Party “start 20:40 in roomsLINK
    see you~~

  9. lucy より:

    When i visit Tokyo I want to eat chicken at KLC and hang out with Mr lonely ,Mr farmer and the hot boy with the wig!!!