designer of the brand 'mikiosakabe' 'lightning burger' ' Jenny fax'


i did promise to put Ikko san ’s snap in my blog few ~~~~~~month ago!!

because  busy busy time (it’s an excuse!!) totally forget this promise.

after that i couldn’t enjoy my trip in Nakano…….. so afraid to meet him….

today i want to fix it ! ok ! pormise it’s a promise.


i might be disappoint.

actually he was more fashionable than this……

maybe he can find the dissappointment from my face,

very kind Ikko san said; wait!! i got other outfit.

hope is comming back ! i thought.

dala again~~

last sanmurai??

“no comment” was writting on my face.

i felt guilty somehow……

sorry.. Ikko san this come out so late.

anyway when you have time to pass by Nakano Broadway,

don’t forget this 2nd floor’s Fashion leader~Ikko san.

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