hui-hui stands for a notion of astonishment, a draft of fresh air.
creativity and outspoken prints.
The label is investigating the borderlines between art and fashion,
between the coincidence and the intended.

hui-hui is founded in 2002 by Anne Schwätzler, fashiondesigner,
and the sisters Johanna and Katharina Trudzinski , fashiondesigner and
textiledesigner/ artist.

the chromatics…

of ria paquée.

last week we went to see her beautiful installation at exhibition-space LLS387, lange leemstraat 387,antwerp.

mainly photowork but also film and 3D which form a well composed overview of

the artists recent work.

it seems to be all about colours but captured in daily life scenes in amongst others: india, france and  belgium,

telling also a lot about the impact of clothing for the vision of a  community.

it reminded us on one of our favourite books of inspiration:

(un)fashion, by tibor and maira kalman.

it is a little magic, depending on what project you are busy with,

you keep finding images you seem to haven´t seen before.

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