hui-hui stands for a notion of astonishment, a draft of fresh air.
creativity and outspoken prints.
The label is investigating the borderlines between art and fashion,
between the coincidence and the intended.

hui-hui is founded in 2002 by Anne Schwätzler, fashiondesigner,
and the sisters Johanna and Katharina Trudzinski , fashiondesigner and
textiledesigner/ artist.

little french breakfast

today together with mikio sakabe we had a small presentation of the new collection in paris.

we prepared a breakfast with mini viennoiserie, some fruit, juice coffee and tea.

monoprix was playing live accompanied by our scarfs.

model samira

samira: trousers and top hui-hui, jacket mikio sakabe,

anne: dress hui-hui blazer mikio sakabe

katharina: dress  hui-hui

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