hui-hui stands for a notion of astonishment, a draft of fresh air.
creativity and outspoken prints.
The label is investigating the borderlines between art and fashion,
between the coincidence and the intended.

hui-hui is founded in 2002 by Anne Schwätzler, fashiondesigner,
and the sisters Johanna and Katharina Trudzinski , fashiondesigner and
textiledesigner/ artist.


yesterday johanna was helping out erika mizuno , antwerp academy student, first year.

just before the show next week, the students have to present their pieces in front of the teachers jury.

great silouets and sensitive textile approach.

above: putting on the experimental piece.

peeping out of the bag is the skirt johanna wore for erika, more about that later.

two of her pieces and a nervous erika , just before going up to the jury.

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