hui-hui stands for a notion of astonishment, a draft of fresh air.
creativity and outspoken prints.
The label is investigating the borderlines between art and fashion,
between the coincidence and the intended.

hui-hui is founded in 2002 by Anne Schwätzler, fashiondesigner,
and the sisters Johanna and Katharina Trudzinski , fashiondesigner and
textiledesigner/ artist.

take it easy

jan- jan van essche is doing it his way.

graduated 2003 in the antwerp royal academy  with fourfold award winning final year collection,

jan- jan launched his first collection yukkuri two weeks ago at  ateliersolarshop.

yukkuri, japanese for slowly, or taking it easy  is the common denominator for a contemporary , urban collection with

folkloristic influences.

good materials, embroidery, waving and braiding technics in sober shades of grey with a dash of light-blue denim

make this a laid back and  wearable  mens collection. for us it could perfectly work as a unisex collection.

below the designer himself in some of our favourites.

the collection is available off the shelf  and numbered and produced in small quantities.

tomorrow is the finissage in antwerp. in september the pop-up-solarshop will be open again

with jan-jan s collection, hui-hui and various other designers.

photographs: lookbook and banner  by Piëtro Celestina.

photographs of jan-jan by johanna hui

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