hui-hui stands for a notion of astonishment, a draft of fresh air.
creativity and outspoken prints.
The label is investigating the borderlines between art and fashion,
between the coincidence and the intended.

hui-hui is founded in 2002 by Anne Schwätzler, fashiondesigner,
and the sisters Johanna and Katharina Trudzinski , fashiondesigner and
textiledesigner/ artist.

new collection online

if you ´d like a preview on next summer  it is on our website now.

here a bit of the inspiration

and what came out we called:


Hui-hui spring/ summer collection 2011 starts where we started:

The difference between the straight/ die Gerade and the bent/ die Krumme.

- One of the first principles we learned in primary- school, used here

by means of creating unexpected three- dimensional shapes in the garments.

the line and the curve

constructed and organic

the shortest way from A to B -and the detour…

giving the prints a direction to deny, choosing for the irregular, the handmade,

by beeing the lost and found of the sketches we still wanted to integrate, the ingredients for tomorrows supper and the section of a forest in colours.

And since all this sounds pretty confusing we wrap it all up

and fasten it well:

apricot, pineapple, azur- stained and- chequered , iced- coffee

take -me -away   in an eternal paperbag.

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